Lukashenko dragged into a military coup?

Company's been a while since I wrote about the events in the blogosphere our eastern neighbors and not looked back, forgetting about its existence for our domestic concerns. Recently looked, and there — "proudly fluttering shearwater black lightning-like." The neighbors there is a rumor about a military coup, which will take place on November 7. Hearing for someone alarming for someone promising to too many kanspiralyagichnuyu so absurd, but in any case, are stubborn. As it often happens, the Belarusian bloggers have not noticed the confusion of virtual eastern border. What can equally suggests: a) careless negligence b) of undeveloped imagination, and c) the inability to think in broad categories, d) healthy all preceding history, and e) the absence of close ties with the Russian blogosphere. Probably a little of everything, but I would have emphasized the point "b".

Julia Chernjavskaja that cultural studies conducted a study on "relations of representation of Belarusians and Russians in the Belarusian blogosphere", recently published in the "RJ" (Note that in Russia there was a demand for Belarusians to others), quoted by blogger rysyache, which, in turn, quotes Yury Shevtsov, He also guralyuk: "Indeed, the Russian man can not be in Belarus. The usual, the most innocent philosophical reflections in the Russian spirit put a man in the face of Belarus full inadequacy ". Despite the fact that Mr. Shevtsov clearly gipertrafue and transfer the remaining personal experience, it sounds quite plausible.

Thus, the Belarusian bloggers mostly ignored the arguments in the Russian innocent spirit of the alleged military coup. However, I feel it necessary to talk about him, the more so from time to time in the contemplation of these innocent floated the name of Alexander Lukashenko — as a possible ideological mastermind of the coup or sponsor.

It is now difficult to find the ends of the publicity. The trigger is probably served as a well-known scandal when Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov (former director of a furniture store, for the military — "taburetachny General", "shtafirki") overlaid with subordinates head of the Ryazan Airborne School, Hero of Russia, Guards Colonel Andrei Krasava . There was one scandal or not (both helper refused it), he was in the media and has caused outrage.

Another 14 October in the wake of the scandal, blogger spbchel wrote a post titled "For Serdyukov will Chavez." Hugo Chavez, the best friend of the Belarusian people, then lieutenant colonel of the airborne troops, led to the 1992 failed coup attempt. The blogger assume that from the "Latin American scenarios" (continuous military coups, interventions, hunger) Russia is still only protect the wealth of natural resources. But notice that "if they were not twenty years old, this does not mean that they are not can be in principle. "According to him, a situation that makes possible the military junta in Russia have already taken shape. Serdyukov Act has been or may be the last straw, prompting a sharp discontent generals.

The blogger believes that Medvedev and Putin are in a stalemate: "Put the head of the army specialist, real military — and he immediately starts to act in the interests of the army. Protect personnel. Require equipment. Collect money for apartments, military pensions and assistance to families. The result — a gain in popularity and become a potential Chavez. So — you need to put "their" civilian, dissolute, but a devotee. But such a minister would cause severe frustration that comes with Serdyukov — and here is the potential Chavez is at the level of division commanders. The vicious circle. "

It was the theoretical arguments, later on it became more subject coup, when the former mayor of Moscow in the Soviet Air Force Commander Gen. Wladyslaw Achalova filed an application to hold a protest "Union of Russian Paratroopers' with the estimated number of participants nearly 10,000 people.

"In the Moscow mayor's office filed application documents to carry out a military coup in Russia", — so deciphered the situation blogger felbert.

The very initiator of the meeting, General ACHALOV, in an interview said that no military coup would not be a "provocation faced-off, receiving psychological warfare." As if he could say something else.

Fuel to the fire of rumors poured accident caused by an oncoming truck (commenting on the news, many mentioned the death Masherova), which were the commander of the Russian Air Force, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov and the commander of the Tula Division, Air Force Colonel Alexei Navumets. "Something strange is going on … usually so by quietly trying to prevent military coups ", — wrote blue_olusha. "I have no doubt that this attempt. Who will benefit? Besides, who are very concerned about the rally paratroopers. Foreign power in Russia destroys all living and well. Our goal is to destroy this government and establish their — sovereign, independent from our foreign enemies and the "fifth column""- Commented on the news of the accident the former deputy of the State Duma, Chairman of the" Great Russia " Andrey Savelyev.

The blogger fritzmorgen reminded that this is the fifth tragic accident involving Russian generals from the end of August.

"The common intention to bring forward the requirement to get rid of fat thighs Defense furniture makers have led to mochilovo, and criminals of the Cheka unleashed chaos. And that's more than anything else, the fact that a military coup — is the real thing ", — expressed runo_lj. "I have something in my soul troubled", — writes fritzmorgen. — "I'm at a place of our Guarantor rally at Poklonnaya Hill would ban and still be ripped off, a safety net, tanks to the Kremlin. Purely just in case. "

Some do not believe in the potential of the current generals to organize a full-fledged revolution:

"Of course, I would like to believe in the generals, who are preparing a" military coup "»
, — writes blogger vlad47. — "But there is no such. The whole system of career in the Soviet Army and the Russian Armed Forces, was built on the principle of selection of the most dedicated and incapable of self-sufficient people … So I do not believe in any conspiracy of generals. This is akin to hope belaemigratsyi in 30th years on Tukhachevsky. It is clear that the former Guards Lieutenant no Napoleonic conspiracies untenable. But just in case Dzhugashvili, nicknamed "Stalin" has decided to eliminate it. The same we see today in the story of Shamanova. "

A popular option interpretation of events was the version of "the Kremlin's hands." So, blogger blackicon Community ru_nazdem expressed the view that the government just to invent a new way of defusing the protests — their imitation:

"November 7th Airborne troops are being withdrawn at a protest rally on Poklonnaya Hill. To protest against the Minister Serdyukov. Not even funny. Imagine — going to the military-men and start complaining about the caretaker Castellan. "Oh, oh, we do not respect Castellan, insults us, the poor soldiers, officer." Tear avaricious and let go for a drink after a rally for the Soviet army. This program is high. Drafted, note even by the paratroopers, and for them. Who? Question baby. The same assistant warden Caste
llan. Literally, the Office Minister Serdyukov in any case has left a number of methods gashennya protests. One of them — the organization of high-profile public "protests." With further zero result. To stir up excitement to throw rumors of a coup — a classic. So now do. Wiring for toddlers. And for the paratroopers. In general, for the modern army officers … "

In a similar vein, also spoke blogger ibigdan, the only thing that he was not sure about the purpose of such a dramatization:

"Do you seriously believe in this farce? Believe that in a country where hundreds of "dissent" in the square is considered a threat to the government, just let the protest hefty 10,000 paratroopers? :) No, the meeting will surely come and paratroopers very real. True, they will not be 10,000, and is 2-3 times less (plus sympathetic citizens), but do not you think that they just do not padazravayuchaya extras in the play "Good King punishes evil nobleman"? Like, "I have decided it is not, the people demand!." Or do you think that this one piece of the Emergency Committee with a piece of paper — really the leader of the paratroopers? He also wrote the text in the Kremlin. All of this — quite transparent Kremlin show. And God forbid that its purpose was to merely removing Serdyukov. "

/> . width =

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type = — asks blogger georgescouthon. — "How can the background of this" rebellion "to send Putin to resign? On what basis? You can not, in the end, blame natslidera a coup? "

He answers:

"Because any" restructuring "must have" enemies "who should win. Medvedev's "modernization" — is no exception. Because need a reason "dispose" of Putin, who has — a political corpse (and not any "natslider"). Putin today — Korean-law on "Kalina" colored urine, with a face like a bat, and b ** dkim picker who lives in the "hruschobe" thick-wife-mistress yes gymnast and hinders progress. "

You ask, what side here Lukashenko? And so, that according to some Belarusian president in late October, met with Colonel Kvachkov, the leader of Nampa ("people's militia named after Minin and Pozharsky," which aims to "prepare to repel hostile armed forces of the Russian people"), which is one of the organizers of the rally Poklonnaya mountain, or supposed "military coup."

Both helper deny the meeting, but in Belarus, he definitely was with a group of veterans of the Russian Air Force, served in the Union of Belarus and the officers gave an interview to state-run press. In which, among other things, said:

"The absolute majority of the indigenous peoples of Russia are obvious consequences of the 20-year Liberal Nazi occupation government world behind the scenes: The Spiritual World Russia subjected to violence, the country is fragmented, foreign exchange reserves exported to the West, destroyed the national industry, agriculture, army … Each year, nearly a million Russians became less, but an increasing number of street children, who are forced to earn a living zhabravannem and prostitution.

We have created a Russian public movement "Militia behalf of Minin and Pozharsky" because silently watching all this is no longer possible. We immediately said they would not fight for low-fat yogurt (Hint to Lipkovich! — Budimir), sanatorium permits and public benefits, and for change policy and the political system in Russia. "

A man and a liberal v_novoselov asks the question: "Luke gave Kvachkov money for subversive activities in Russia?"

The blogger kosarex believes that Kvachkov really went to Belarus to "lure money or the promise of assistance in the coup d'etat." And remember that this is not the first time — General Rokhlin once turned to him with the same purpose. At the very least, the widow of General accused of his murder, to claim that the Belarusian president for the sake of her husband financed the mass protests in the Russian security services.

Meanwhile, blogger v_miron proposes "to agulnanatsyyalny referendum on the establishment of a full-Russia Union State of Belarus and choose the president of the Union AG Lukashenko. "

At that blogger hard_box said: "A real chance to see Lukashenko in the Kremlin — a military coup."

Following the development of events.

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