Lukashenko is ready to be the active partner

Belarus is ready to be the most active member of the "Eastern Partnership", Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview today the largest German media.

"We are willing to be the most active player in the" Eastern Partnership "if it wants the European Union", — said the head of the state, noting that while the movement in this initiative is very weak.

"We're waiting. We have proposed specific projects, it is very beneficial in including and for Germany, for the north and south of Europe. We are ready to ensure that all of Europe took advantage of our opportunities to their advantage, "- he stressed.

Speaking about the cooperation between Belarus and the European Union, Alexander Lukashenko stressed that it should be developed, — the BELTA.According to the Belarusian head of state, the previous 15 years had "turned out to kontarpraduktyvnymi perspective attempts to isolate Belarus and somehow weaken our state and society. "

"This example is eloquent and suggests that we need to work together. We live in an interdependent world, close, a fortiori the place of our stay — it's the same apartment, the same quarter, the name of which Europe "- said Lukashenko.

In the last month, Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview to a number of foreign media: in particular, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish press.

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