Lukashenko officials: It's not my choice, it's your choices

President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus advises citizens to look closely at all the candidates for the presidency. Such a wish, he said today during a visit to Mogilev, BelTA.

"Wishing to steer a lot, but you treat them carefully, look what they did to still, "- Said Alexander Lukashenko. President cited the statement of one of the presidential candidates that in the first year in power, he would give the Russian pipeline artery, refineries.

"When I read it, I became scared and sad. This is our heritage, how to give it away? Who did you ask?" — Said Lukashenko.

Addressing the people of the city, Alexander Lukashenko said: "This is all you need to properly arrange and decide. Was you."

"Our happiness is in our hands. When we're together we as a whole, will see the country, think of the children, we will do shtostsi. Would not, no government we do not do itself."

Alexander Lukashenko believes that derail the country has no one to succeed.

"No one can derail Belarus, neither Russia nor Ukraine or the EU or America. We are not the same, we can not bring down artificially, if we ourselves do not collapse".

As for elections, Alexander Lukashenko admitted that he does not think about them.

"Frankly, the election did not even think. Minsk But sooner or later, you pull on the election. To ignore this, I go to the people in the field, to the village to talk to people. So while I do not suffer from this pre-election mood. Me and officials say it's not my choices. These are your choices: you will also be evaluated on the ground. " "There will be elections. How long have we been this election. The main thing — how we will go on. We must look forward. "

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