Lukashenko promises Poles Katyn list and registration SPB

Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview to representatives of a number of Polish media, which, among other things, spoke about the historical and political aspects of relations between Belarus and Poland.

First Polish journalists raised pointed questions of Soviet history — namely, access to the archives of the KGB, where, perhaps, is the so-called Belarusian part of the Katyn list with the names of Polish officers who were tortured. Russia and Ukraine have already submitted their lists of Poland. Alexander Lukashenko promised to talk to this topic with the head of the KGB. Comment explorer stories of mass repressions Igor Kuznetsov:

Igor Kuznetsov

"These lists were in the NKVD Belarus, Ukraine, as the executions took place in the prisons of Western Ukraine and Belarus, as well as a list was in Moscow. Russia gave Poland the current roster, Ukraine transferred, and Belarusian list hitherto absent. And if the question is put, and it stated that the answer would be, that is to say that this list is found in our archives, or that he handed over Moscow, or that it is on the order of Moscow has been destroyed. "

Another issue was the activities of unregistered Union of Poles in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko said in Belarus will be able to legally operate and the two Union if the sign up in accordance with applicable law. In a conflict related to the non-registration of the organization, Alexander Lukashenko has accused the former chairwoman Angelika Borys, calling it a political activity. Here's how it commented on the current chairman Angelica Smith:

Angelica Orehvo

"Our organization and Angelika Borys never involved in politics. We have only been forced to work in conditions nelegalnastsi. Can it be called politics? After all, we are engaged in culture and education. Regarding registration, this issue will be decided on the main parliament, or we will apply for registration. For us it is important to preserve the independence of the organization. "

Alexander Lukashenko also said the Polish journalists that he sees no need for a televised debate with the candidates for president of the country, but does not rule out such a possibility. Replying to questions, he also said that he sees no problem in the concentration of power in the person of the president and has the task of creating strong political parties, and that would be able to take power into their own hands. Presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk called the pre-election PR statement:

Yaroslav Romanchuk

"If the head of the country speaks on the need for political parties and denies these parties in election observation and counting, here's what he wants to develop these parties. They can not be created on a matrix like the Communist Party, and agreed upon in the presidential administration. Thus, they can only stay in the greenhouse of the presidential administration. Perhaps as a party Lukashenko sees "White Russia". This is another, made in the style of his public relations campaign, which all bought. "

Yaroslav Romanchuk said that as the electoral purposes Alexander Lukashenko used the visits of high-ranking officials of Belarus in Europe.


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