Lukashenko — Westerwelle: Even voices can calculate if there is a desire

Alexander Lukashenko promised that the elections in Belarus will be "the most democratic standards."

He said this at a meeting with the foreign ministers of Germany and Poland Guido Westerwelle and Radoslaw Sikorski, held in Minsk.

"I want to assure you, because after all you men of valor, dared to come to us on the eve of elections (not everyone is solved), that our elections will take place without a hitch. As the current president on behalf of the government I want to promise that they will be the most democratic standards. We do not need to spend opaque elections, which will be challenged by the world community. The legitimacy of the election is more important to us than to anyone else on this planet. First of all we are interested in the elections, we were absolutely legitimate that we have not been thereafter issues, "- said Lukashenko.

However, he noted that Belarus has never happened such that the parliament and the president elected undemocratically, but if Europe has questioned the Belarusian elections, he personally ordered to close their eyes to all violations of the opposition.

Lukashenko declared that Belarus is "very interested in Europe", but Europe can not do without Belarus, "because this is the heart of our Europe."

According to Lukashenko, sanctions, and various restrictions on politics and the economy is not conducive to the rapid improvement in relations between Belarus and the EU.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski said at a meeting with Lukashenko that Poland supports the economic integration of the EU and Belarus and the simplification of the visa regime.

"Poland supports the goals and objectives of the" Eastern Partnership ", namely economic integration, simplification of visa regime and cooperation that will help get closer. I believe will be created political opportunities for Belarus could use this collaboration. "

Guido Westerwelle said the EU wants to see Belarus not only "as a neighbor, but also as a good partner."

"We are ready to deepen our economic cooperation, but we also want Belarus to fulfill human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law," — said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

On He said, The EU welcomes the decision of Belarus to invite international observers to the presidential elections:

"The elections will be a test, a litmus test of democracy in Belarus", — said Westerwelle.

He also expressed the hope that international observers will be free to study the situation in the country and to fully observe the elections.

In response, Lukashenko said: "Even the voice can count if there is a desire."


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