Mackay: Belarus will gradually move to the development of democracy, but …

The head of administration President of Belarus Vladimir Mackay Minsk declared readiness to develop relations with the EU in different areas and reaffirmed the commitment of the Belarusian authorities to ensure an open and transparent presidential election.

"Today, some of the partners took the fence, waiting for election results. This is the wrong message. Leaders of Belarus, as no one else today is interested in conducting an open and transparent elections ", — said Mackay at the opening of the Minsk Forum.

He also noted that "today it is important to focus on the realization of the potential that exists between Belarus and the European Union":

"I am glad to say that this process has started, the dialogue is carried out at different levels, there have been shifts in overcoming barriers to interpersonal relationships. The recriminations that does not correspond to European values, that there has been a setback in relations between Belarus and the European Union. It is irresponsible statements. About any recourse on our part in the development of relations with the European Union out of the question. Belarus will gradually move to the development of democracy and liberalization. But the priority for the solution of these problems will determine the Belarusian people, "- Interfax quoted Vladimir Makey.

Mr. MacKay said that Minsk expects the Brussels visa facilitation and the final lifting of sanctions.


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