Magnetic field and the spontaneous combustion of people — that common?

November 20, 2011 16:01

Spontaneous combustion of peopleSecrets of the spontaneous combustion of people mysterious disappearance experiments on electromagnetism — what they have in common? At first glance — nothing. But experts on anomalous phenomena believe that all these phenomena are closely related. The facts.

About when people burned alive for some reason, has been known for a long time. In 1731 thus lost Countess of Kaseny Bundy. In the bedroom, found only her head, and the remains of three fingers down. All other parts of the body into ashes. However, none of the objects in the room are not affected by the fire. In 1919, the famous English writer George Temple Johnson was found dead in his home. The lower half of his body has turned into coal. Again — not on clothing or other objects no marks of flame.

The phenomenon of spontaneous combustion often try to explain the chemical reasons. Like, a person consumes too much alcohol, the alcohol gradually accumulate in the body and eventually caught fire. But found that the spontaneous combustion repeatedly occurred in the so-called anomalous zones.

Thus, in October 1990, two shepherd grazed on the Volga River near the town of Zhirnovskaya. They decided to stop to rest in the ground, the local people have a bad reputation — "Devil's Lair". At this time, suddenly alarmed sheep bleated, and one of the shepherds went to see what had happened. The other was left sitting on a rock. When calming animals, shepherd returned to his partner, he saw a stone near his charred corpse … Clothing on the body is not at all burned.

But something like this has happened in connection with the famous "Philadelphia Experiment" in 1943, when under the influence of a strong electromagnetic field generated by the generator, the scientists succeeded in making military destroyer "Eldridge" disappear and reappear in another place.

Experiment itself and its consequences for a long time were kept secret. But in the mid-50's. astrophysicist Maurice Jessup said that a man named Carlos Allende told him the details of a fantastic experience. From the letter of Allende, he learned about the incredible events that took place with the sailors who were on board the "Eldridge." Many of them as they fall out of reality ("freeze").

This is reflected in the fact that people suddenly froze in a fixed position, ceased to react to the world. In this state, he stayed for a while, then come back to normal. But some in the period of "freezing" unexpectedly "ignited." "One day, two of them — says Allende — flashed and burned like candles … for eighteen days." Attempts to extinguish the fire or to nothing — it blazed as if on an invisible internal source.

Something similar is happening today at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. This is the so-called disease Dr. Zharov. From time to time the animals at the landfill site (and sometimes people) fell into a strange state — ceased to move and breathe. After a few days they came to life again. Such people are saying that they are "scattered." First, they were mistaken for dead and buried. Then simply left alone for a few days.

According to scientists, in theory, this effect may be the result of a powerful electromagnetic pulse caused artificially, using a generator (tested with "Eldridge"), a nuclear explosion (Semipalatinsk), or otherwise, of natural causes.

Living creature or object affected by these impacts, falls into molecules that then recombined with each other. But sometimes things go wrong — and there is a fire or a person disappears, evaporates. "Spread", apparently, is just a process of molecular decay and connection. Perhaps this is hidden and secret other dimensions — proceed from the fact that our world is an electromagnetic nature.

Irina Shlionskaya

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