Main Command of the Russian Navy will abolish from December 1

Main Command of the Navy Russia will abolish from December 1On December 1 of this year in Russia will be abolished Chief headquarters Navy, convert it to the Department in the Ministry of Defence said on Thursday source at the headquarters of the Baltic Fleet.

Information that the main commands of the Armed Forces will be abolished as part of the reform programs from the Armed Forces RF and substitution of military districts into four strategic commands, and instead of them at the regional level will be made by appropriate structures, appeared in the media a few months back, but still the rumors have not been confirmed, as well as hearing about the likely abolish the post of Chief of the Navy.

But source Central Navy Portal maintains that specifically with the discontinuation of the main commands are related to the future first dismissal in September 2011 more than 160 generals and colonels of the Armed Forces RF, Navy sends Central portal RF.

Namely, according to the source, including submitted resignations, there are officers of the Head of Staff Navy and parts of the chain of command. The dismissal of military personnel, according to the views of the source, due to the reluctance of first officers to move out of the capital in connection with the upcoming rotation and translation for positions in the region, and fears of losing the existing dwelling in Moscow or do not receive it within the applets to provide housing for servicemen.

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