Main Military Prosecutors Office explained to why men feel cold in winter

Main Military Prosecutor's Office explained why the soldiers were freezing in winterRIA Announcements. Disadvantages of military uniforms, which became one of the causes of mass disease fighter in the cooler times of the year are not related to omissions developers forms, and in violation of the production technology and the wrong wearing, said on Thursday the chief military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky.

"Development of the production of winter forms differed from what was initially planned. Insulator was replaced by the more a cheap, the rules were not observed wearing form," — he said at a news conference at RIA announcements.

According to Fridinsky when developed new girl form, usual wearing belt over the jerkin was not foreseen: the system of air traffic between the fabric layers arranged in such a makarom that if pea pull the strap, the movement of warm air stops.
"Belt must be worn under jackets, because it affects how much jacket keep warm. We have gained that the rear has developed and sent to the troops methodological advice for wearing the latest military uniforms "- added Fridinskiy.

About a year back chief military prosecutor said that the circumstances of the disease may be several soldiers, including shortcomings uniforms, lack of medicines, violations of sanitary norms and simple "disorder fathers commanders." Commenting form Fridinskiy noted that "completely do not care who this form developed and designed. But the fact that the people in it feel cold, I have no hesitation."

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that the new girl winter war form hundred percent satisfied with his department, and was approved after was the toughest criteria tested Army Special Forces (the 45th Regiment of the GRU).

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