Main Military Prosecutors Office has justified Yudashkin — the latest military uniforms spoiled bureaucrats

Chief Military Prosecutor justified Yudashkin - new uniforms spoiled officialsThe scandal over more than once criticized the latest military uniforms lasts: After yesterday's statements by the famous designer Valentin Yudashkin, he does not have a case for military clothes at his side was the main military prosecutor's office.

Prosecutors revealed numerous violations in the manufacture of clothing a new standard, which has become a prerequisite for mass colds in the army, "Interfax" the Defense Ministry on Thursday. Valentine Yudashkin not one of them involved, assured the agency.

According to the source, due to the frequent epidemics of SARS and complaints in the form of a large-scale test was conducted. GWP has established that the first step of the sketches and seasoned standards really are manufactured LLC "Valentin Yudashkin." But then the bureaucrats of the Ministry of Defense without the consent of the developer brought "significant structural configuration," said the representative office.

Because the new girl form significantly different from the previous, army management was to bring the troops' rules for its use, "but the bureaucrats did not. The violations were discovered and clothing industry, which produced uniform, the source added.

Innovation introduced by the military in the approved standard, concerned "as the overall design and the individual parts of the outfit: the composition of products excluded Liner jacket and trousers, some units and parts," said a PRT. To make the shape of cheaper military bureaucrats changed without the help of other heat-retaining materials on the fabric without these parameters. No one is held and the "army test products."

After checking the Main Military Prosecutor's Office brought it to the Minister and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to eliminate violations of the law enforcement and military uniforms in the appropriate state. According to a source in the Defense Ministry has ordered to revise and bring to a suitable condition are bad kits army clothes.

Recall that recently Valentin Yudashkin After months of attacks attributed to it form, eventually explained himself on this occasion. He said that "Dolci and dimensions" of the Ministry of Defense grossly distorted the initial project developed his military odezhki by replacing the fabrics, furniture, heat-retaining materials deshevenky variations. He noted that until now remained silent as his hopes that the military would take on the responsibility for making the configuration.

Yudashkin stressed that the army "at the moment it is not clear that sew and it is not clear from what" and all this has nothing to him personally or to his fashion house's business. According to the designer, that form, which at the moment are in the army, "at times" it cheaper option.

On Wednesday, the designer as a confirmation of his own words posted a Twitter photo of own samples form. In general, the real bloggers form "Yudashkin from" not liked — it has found a similarity with clothing for paintball and fishing.

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