Main Military Prosecutors Office requested the increment penalties for evaders

Main Military Prosecutor's Office proposed to increase penalties for evadersMain Military Prosecutor's Office requested the increment penalties for young people who avoid Military Service, said the head of the supervision department Alexander Nikitin.

"We need to strengthen the administrative responsibility for failure to Military Service, raise fine for fugitives from the army, "- said Nikitin in the interview, which will be posted on Tuesday in the "Russian newspaper".

But he did not call a certain amount, which is proposed to increment penalties. According to Nikitin, "here is something to think about," because the recruits because different income, some guys do not have it at all, and it is unclear who would then pay for them fine.

"An administrative penalty at the moment — fine 500 rubles. This, of course, not a lot. But the criminal act of evading military service can be up to 2-years imprisonment. This term does not just compare, and twice the run time of the constitutional duty. Raise it hardly makes sense. Here the main focus must not be on tougher penalties, and in its inevitability, "- said Nikitin.

Nikitin said that the need to fight the deviators and in the other plane, for example, increasing the prestige of the Military Service, so that young people want to join the army. So, talking about the positive changes in the army, he said that the soldiers did not paint the fences, no peeling potatoes, and engaged in learning. Their service uniformly transformed into a kind of public elevators — can be out of the competition to go to university, in addition, at the moment for the former fighter willing to enter municipal grants for education.

Responding to a question about what the young people call for military service is often accompanied by raids, he said that "from the standpoint of the law is no raids should not be."

But there is a specific procedure in respect of draft dodgers. If a young man hiding from the draft, then he is wanted, and this should be at least instituted administrative proceedings and instructed the police to find the citizen. If deviationist a criminal case, it can declare a search of all the Russias.

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