Mass death of fish recorded near the erupting El Hierro in the Canary Islands

The eruption of an underwater volcano near the Canary Islands, threatening local wildlife. It has already led to the death of a major first, then small fish. The thing is that because of the release of large amounts of toxic gases in the water reduce the concentration of oxygen.

Underwater volcano near El Hierro is located — is the smallest island, Canary Islands. Banned fishermen out to sea. The eruption is accompanied by tremors. In recent days, they have been more than twenty. Today, the magnitude of one of them was 4 and 6.

Authorities urged residents not to panic. So far, none of the buildings was not damaged. Just live there for about five thousand people. Just in case emergency services are preparing a plan to evacuate them. Popular tourist island of El Hierro does not use.

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