Mathematical description of the subtle world

October 30, 2011 22:36

Clear mathematical description of the Subtle World, confirmed by experimental studies, gave the Russian scientist G.I.Shipov.

Theory G.I.Shipova clearly defined levels of TM:

The fifth level — the level of physical vacuum;

The sixth level — the level of primary torsion fields;

Seventh level — absolutely nothing.

From all levels of TM is the most stable and most stable level — absolutely nothing — to the Supreme power generating plans vacuum.

"…. Absolutely nothing works do not matter, and the lay-out plans. And once they are ready, and the process of birth of the matter from the vacuum. "

"From the point of view of formal logic, absolutely nothing like meaningless, so we are forced to describe the specific humanitarian terms, such as the Overmind, for this level — with superpowers, and while, for unknown reasons, we — it is capable of creating original plans themselves.

So I define it as the maximum sustainable level of reality. And I'm not talking about mythical or hypothetical phenomenon, but solely on the physical. Everything in this world disappears, but this level always remains. It is eternal. Since it is all the same to them begins and everything ends. World of Ultimate Reality — the world plans, laws, and relations between the elements of matter, and they are seen, are more stable than matter itself.

I maintain that there is a new physical theory, created as a result of representations of A. Einstein. In which there is a new level of reality, which is synonymous with the religion is God — a kind of reality that has all the attributes of Deity. I say only this. No more. I do not know how this deity is arranged, but it really exists. Our methods to get to know, "explore" possible. And then science can not prove, but merely points to the existence of God. And she does not pretend to do more. Science is mainly interested in gross matter. "

"The vacuum is a dual nature: on the one hand, it is — the plan matrix, but on the other he is — alive. And the energy of oscillation is infinite. "

Each atom, from which we are made, feeds the vacuum energy. This energy is an essential condition of our existence.
The modern definition of the physical vacuum is that it is a system that does not contain the actual particles, characterized by its energy is as small as possible, this environment does not reveal itself, we perceive it as a void. The traditional view was the claim that, since the physical vacuum is a system with the lowest energy, no energy from the system can not retrieve. This, however, does not take into account that the physical vacuum — it is a dynamic system, with intense fluctuations, which can be a source of energy.

G.I.Shipov considers "The vacuum has a definite structure, even when there is no matter, fluktatsii, even when empty. But, nevertheless, there is the information matrix, in which, according to the derived law, there should be processes of birth — the destruction of matter. Already have an equation describing the structure of the vacuum. And, born from a vacuum, must satisfy these equations. "

Breaking the conditional level of physical vacuum on two separate levels, he explained their functions.

Excitation of the primary vacuum generates primary torsion fields, which are the basic space-time vortexes right and left rotation, do not transfer energy, but which information about all the possible events and phenomena in the past, present and future. Fields with zero energy, but able to interact, meet for the first time in physics.

However, theoretical physics has established and the experiment confirmed that the potential energy of interaction is zero, but "rotational trajectory" of a particle obeying the equation of motion Shipov will change by passing the "rotational" information. These fields can be defined as the fields that carry torsional (rotational) information.

Primary torsion fields immediately cover the entire universe. Under the influence of primary torsion fields and the spontaneous fluctuations in the vacuum (the next level of reality) is a transition from the virtual state of matter in the real.

Tomsk scientists V.Shkatov a device for determining the statistical torsion fields of geometric shapes, letters, words, text and photos are from the "plus" right torsion field creates a positive influence on people, as with the "minus" — left, which are only acceptable extremely small doses.

Anyone is constantly under the influence of the hidden, either positive or negative "energoinformatiki" sign, shape, object, text, etc.

All impact on the human psyche, as we perceive any object not only the eyes, but also the so-called inner eye, which "fixes" torsion radiation invisible to us. If a person is a long time was about characters that have a "minus" sign, their torsion fields will upset his psyche. Or, on the contrary, every person is in the temple with special mental attitude, sublime and inspiring.

The values of the torsion contrast letters of the Russian alphabet:

E, F — (-3), K, M, N, P, U, W — (-2) D, E, I, L — (-1), B, P, L, U, I — ( 0), D, L, W, E — (+1), T, X, Z, N, Q — (2), E, F, G — (3) B, B — (4) C — (5 + O — (6)

Letters plus create law "positive" torsion fields, with a minus — the left.

In simple terms, the torsion fields — is the matter of consciousness. Torsion fields carry the knowledge of the future of the universe, they initially formulated the fate of each individual. They can influence the objects and phenomena of the material world and to direct the course of all processes. These fields pervade every moment of our lives from birth to death and beyond. Only we're pretty thick-skinned and managed not to notice them.

And those who notice, call or geniuses, or prophets, or psychics.

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