Meditation, martial arts, or altered states of consciousness

December 26, 2011 0:33

"Every profession is a conspiracy against the profane."

George Bernard Shaw


Fighting techniques and mental preparation are closely intertwined in the methods of teaching in all the traditional schools. Integrated system of training of the person as a warrior is a true art.

Encyclopedias define art, above all, as a way of mastering and understanding the world through a variety of human activities, as well as a high degree of skill and mastery in any field of human activity.

Martial arts are intertwined with traditional artistic activities and based on philosophical and religious teachings. When people talk about the aesthetics or morality of martial arts, they mean the inextricable connection between these elements of the exercise. At the core of martial arts is the desire for harmony with the world and himself as part of the world.

Martial arts, like other art forms, such person needs to understand the world. As a way of integral social upbringing of the individual, his intellectual development, his initiation to the wisdom of generations of past centuries. Martial arts an integral part of any nation's history, philosophy, religion, and culture. In ancient times, there was a strict division of religion, philosophy and science. And Taoism, and Buddhism, and Confucianism combines the properties of religion, philosophy, science, and purely ethical teaching, formative state laws. Adepts of Taoism, Buddhism and other scholars view the martial arts as a means of physical and mental perfection. For them, the martial arts were a means and method of dynamic meditation.

William James argued that meditation, hypnosis, psychic communication — it is nothing like the various forms of states of consciousness, altered states of consciousness. "Altered states of consciousness (ASC) — is any mental state induced by a variety of physiological, psychological or pharmacological methods or means, which is subjectively recognized by the man himself as a rather pronounced deviation of the subjective experience or psychological functioning of its total normal state, when he is awake and is in vigilant consciousness. "(A. Ludwig) ISS can be called in any environment with a variety of tools or techniques that impede the normal flow of sensory or proprioceptive (associated with a sense of the body, its internal state, its position in space, etc.) signals, the normal output of motor impulses, the normal "emotional mood" or the normal flow and organization of cognitive (cognitive) processes.

Although there are cases of soldiers pharmacological methods of entering the ISS (this narkomovskie hundred grams of mushroom and brandy legendary berserkers), but in the martial arts often applied physiological and psychological methods. Due to the profound relationship of physiology and psychology can not speak of a purely physiological process of entering the ISS. Since both the sleep deficit, and hyperventilation, and hunger, and physical activity are part of the aggregate psychophysiological effects. Cold or heat, changes in atmospheric pressure or solar flare, full moon and new moon, the violation of the rhythms of life (cycles) also impact on human consciousness and can be used situationally practitioners to enter the ISS. Psychological methods can be divided in two main ways: narrowing the beam of attention (lack of information and the transition to an enhanced mode of perception) and the extension direction of the observation (excessive flow of information overload and off the mind from the usual mode of perception). The human body or overload motor activity and / or exteroceptive (signals from the external environment) stimuli or reduce these factors to their complete disappearance.

To date, meditation subject of many contradictory reports. Some of the need to convince others accused meditation in that it entices people to isolation and serenity. Krishnamurti, for example, criticizes the "special" because of the meditation practice of detachment from life, from the "here-and-now." People who practice martial arts or practice meditation for self-improvement does not have to separate these activities from the rest of his life. Let these practices will join the quiet swamp your life and clean up the murky waters of your consciousness. Allow it to them. Right now. Long-standing practice of martial arts, more convinced of the importance of meditation training a fighter and warrior, as well as the primacy of psychological training on a par with other stages of training. Martial arts have always been a monopoly of the elite and aristocratic culture. They had a purely practical value and achievement of goals such as illumination and purification of the spirit, were of secondary importance. Initially mystified methods of cultivation, methods and meditation psihopraktiki remained outside the martial arts, but gradually in the minds of the outstanding masters firmly established the idea that in a fight harmonious spirit is even more important than physical strength or skill.

In understanding the essence of meditation to face with a group of unusual experiences concepts that are difficult to describe a different language than the language of religion. Spirit, Will, Faith — all of these things, which are attributes of the spiritual teachings found in the martial arts. Separate the meditation as a set of "psycho" methods from the religious tradition in which it is carried out, it is very difficult, almost impossible. And, yet, it is important to consider that meditation is a complex psychological functional system that may occur to form and to "work" in various spheres of social activity. This finding, in particular, proved by the fact that different religions meditation takes a different focus and different content. It is one thing Buddhist meditation, seeking to achieve "enlightenment", and another thing — Meditation Christian ascetics or Islamic "Sufi", seeking a mystical approach or even direct merger with God. Interaction followers martial arts experts in the field of meditation led to the creation in the martial art of efficient methods of psychophysical training, which were esoteric nature. Modern science, studying the phenomena psihopraktik east, they found a rational explanation from the standpoint of materialism. Modern methods of self inherently are appropriately processed version of Eastern meditation

th. U.Dzheyms, experimented with psychodysleptic (hallucinogens, breaking perception) and nitrous oxide, the cases of the "mystical" consciousness called transpersonal experiences. He believed that it is possible, with some training, not differentiate between voluntary and involuntary body functions. The person becomes unable to control these functions. "This, — completes his thought, James W., — explains many of the" miracles "of the mysterious East."

Pavel Piskun, Vice President RSOO FBI "Toykvay"

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