Meteorologists recorded Friday temeperaturnye records in the center of the Russian Federation

 Record high temperature for the day was recorded on Friday in some regions of the center of European Russia, said the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"The warmest year on record day was in Bryansk, Tula, Orel, Belgorod, Kaluga and Ryazan," — said in a statement.

Thus, in the Bryansk temperature rose to 25.6 degrees, cutting the record set in 2007 — 23.2 degrees.

In Tula, not holding a record in 1974 (23 degrees) — the temperature rose to 24.5.

In the south, the CFD was even hotter: Orel weather station recorded a temperature of 26.5 degrees (old record — 23.3 degrees — refers to 1991), and in Belgorod — 24 degrees (old record — 23.5 degrees was set in 1952 year).

In Kaluga, the temperature rose to 24.2 degrees (old record — 21.5 degrees, 1991).

In Ryazan, was closed on Friday the maximum temperature, recorded 70 years ago — 23.5 degrees (1942). Last Friday, the thermometer showed 24 degrees here.

Vladimir did not have to record 0.5 degrees, 0.1 degrees in Voronezh.

In Moscow, according to the main weather station VVC, the temperature reached 23.6 degrees. This is the highest temperature since the beginning of observations on it in 1948.

But the official record for the entire series of continuous observations, which includes data and other stations, is the value of 23.8 degrees set in 1924.

In other parts of Moscow, such as Baltschug in Kiev metro area, the temperature rose to 24 degrees.

The hottest point on the map was the Kolomna, Moscow region, where there were 25.4 degrees.

"The reason for the record warm weather in the center of European Russia was the propagation of a wave of heat from the Mediterranean in the warm sector of the active Atlantic cyclone. High Friday exceeded the norm by 8-11 degrees," — said in a statement.

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