MICEX and RTS united

 Photo source:lenta.ru

RTS and MICEX officially merged. On Monday, December 19, the auction began on a combined site also started a new single site of the two exchanges. Earlier, the RTS and MICEX formed a common list of securities.

Monday, December 19, trading on the stock markets are in three new sectors. The first sector — the "primary market" — included all pre-existing modes of trading the stock market MICEX. The second sector — Standard — actually the understudy RTS Standard. Classica (the third sector) is transferred to MICEX RTS Classic Market. In addition, the saved term markets of the two exchanges.

According to the newspaper "Kommersant" RTS-MICEX President Ruben Aganbegyan complete fusion of the organizational structure of the two exchanges is not over yet. According to him, it is for the majority of union marketplaces goes unnoticed. Major changes will occur when the process will begin combining technical trading.

Single exchange infrastructure, which is the aim of the merger, there is still only in draft form. The Federal Service for Financial Markets edition reported that the Office may question the project, and future changes yet to be agreed.

RTS and MICEX agreed to merge in early 2011, and in late June signed a contract. The Federal Antimonopoly Service approved the deal in early September. It is expected that through the merger of MICEX and RTS can get rid of duplicate functions, and will also help to turn Moscow into a regional financial center.

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