Michalevic against a single candidate

Presidential contender Mikhalevich believes that opposition candidates do not need to choose the "single candidate." "I think that today single candidate is not needed. As soon decide it 2-3 years ago. But trying to sculpt the image of the candidate from the opposition, which is acceptable to everyone, it's too late, "- said in a statement Michalevic transmitted to the Interfax news agency.

According to the politician, "even with the generous support none of the declared candidates, including and he will not be able to type in the first round, more than 50% of the vote. "" A few candidates, acting together and adapt to different segments of the population — have a chance to gather together more than half of the votes, "- said Mikhalevich. Moreover," the strongest output the second round will automatically raise it to a new level and can change the mood of society. "

The politician believes that the opposition is too worried about 15-20% of the protest vote and forgets least about 35-40%, the doubters who are not ready to vote for any candidate proposed by the opposition. "It is important to stretch those potential votes in favor of the Democratic candidates, otherwise the bulk of them again support the current government on the principle of" more is not for anyone, "notes Michalevic.



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