Michalevic: I was for having to put forward a united Milinkevich

Presidential candidate in Belarus Ales Mikhalevich believes that the opposition candidate "does not need to choose a single candidate." "I believe that today a single candidate is not needed. As soon decide it 2-3 years ago. But trying to sculpt the image of the candidate from the opposition, which is acceptable to everyone, it's too late," — said in a statement Michalevic transmitted to the Interfax news agency.

According to policy, even with the generous support none of the declared candidates, including himself, will not be able to type in the first round, more than 50% of the vote. "A few candidates, acting together and adapt to different segments of the population — have a chance to gather together more than half of the votes," — said Mikhalevich. Thus "the strongest output in the second round automatically raise it to a new level and can change the mood of society."

The night was a guest of freedom.

Mikhalevich, you're talking about leaving the strongest alternative candidate in the second round — does that mean that you expect that in December held free elections and an honest count?

Of course, there is an improvement in the conduct of this election campaign, even though we remember it from the last parliamentary election, when it was possible to do almost anything in terms of campaigning, but I still vote count was false. There is reason to believe that this situation may be now. But I assume that it is very important that the various social groups — those that are not currently satisfied with the current president, including those who had previously voted for him, found their candidate. If we automatically select a single — who would not only was this — we have a very narrow social support that candidate and just give the opportunity to the incumbent president from the first round to win more than 50%, even according to exit the sexes.

Znatkevich: Two statements that you made during the election campaign, caused the greatest response among visitors to our site. One that you do not voted against the current national flag of Belarus, saying that it was obtained by the victory of the Belarusian athletes. But you can not say the same thing about the Soviet flag? Under it also Belarusian athletes at one time reached victories.

Michalevic: Moreover, I believe today that the Soviet Union — it was our power, but this does not exclude the fact that the white-red-white flag and coat of arms "race" — is our national symbols of Belarus with you. And I should not have a negative reaction to whatever characters. If someone expects that the next president comes on the wave of hatred that has been built over the last 10 years — in my opinion, it is wrong. Belarus should be built without hate, we must build positive for Belarus.

Znatkevich: If you say that the Soviet Union is our state — could you clarify what you mean? Do you regret the collapse of the Soviet Union?

Michalevic: I was a citizen of the USSR, the Byelorussian SSR, is part of my history. My parents have lived quite an interesting life in the country, of course, I do not regret the fact that the Soviet Union broke up, because our country's independence. But not with hatred treat his past. And the Soviet Union, and the Byelorussian SSR — this is our past. That's why when I was in Mogilev, I laid a wreath on the grave of Tishka Gartnogo — the first head of government of the BSSR. For me, these people are also important, as are the people who proclaimed the independence of the BNR.

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