Mikhail Zadornov. How was the Varangian Rurik Rarog

Mikhail Zadornov— Watson, sorry! I am a few days shy away from conversations with you — I had the time to learn a new profession.

— You have decided to become a politician, Holmes? Or a lawyer?

— Fear God, Watson! Do I look like a hypocrite? I have you ever lied? Which of my politician or a lawyer? No, my friend! I became a writer …!

— Why, Holmes?

— Apparently, while I was engaged in a stolen history of the Slavs, Russ, I lived in my ancestors Russ Scots. The history of nations is developing a spiral. Something today like the old days. Risk of future know, when you analyze the past. I think: a film that I had in mind, will be useful to everyone, not only the Slavs-Rousseau. Why spend time and sue the thieves of history, if you can create a feature film? I decided to call it "Rarog." Remember that this means "falcon"? Yesterday I finished my script.

— And can you give me to read it?

— No!

— How so?

— I finished it, but not yet written.

— Where is he with you?

— I have it in my head …! But if you take your time, sit back, close your eyes and I'll tell you about it with expression. You only need to present themselves in Europe at the 9th century …

Very middle of the century!

Countries that we now know to have acquired its shape. Many different peoples. Multicolored map of Europe, as the assembled patchwork quilt my great-grandmother. Most of these people in the future will blend, stick to each other. And yet …

While there, where the river Oder flows into the Baltic Sea, lives a surprisingly peaceful people tillers — obodrity. So called because the settled along the Oder. Slavs are called bodrichami. Indeed, peppy narodec. And nice! It is no coincidence, therefore, like many others the neighbors call themselves Slavs. Such a nice neighborhood with a lot of them: lyutichi, luzhichane, Krivichi, rodimichi, Borus, Wends, Slavs Ziva … also named after the river. Elba then called the Elbe, which means "good, either," the river. Still further to the east — a clearing drevlyans, Russ-dew — on a tributary of the Dnieper river Ros, in the north-east — Slovenes, leading his seed from prince-hero of words.

What you need to husbandmen? Peace, be quiet! But at this time on the other side of the Rhine, as they said, "sunset", multiply the German people. Not all of the ancient Germans dreamed to be husbandmen. Were strong, bold … much later, when you look at the map, down the Jutland Peninsula, where long cold snap has arrived, the land ceased to give, as before, the harvest … and wanted to eat something! Slavic lands were plentiful harvests. Saxons are, friezes more eyes at the fertile land around the Oder, Elbe and even the Vistula.

Tillers had obodritam-unite and create a military alliance of Slavic tribes. Unite neighbors. And since they are closest to the enemy, then they have made a grave problem — creating squads-rati and command it.

Obodrity remembered the fate of his neighbors to the west of the Slavs, who also lived on the shore of the Baltic Sea in a small country called Wagram. Residents who called Vahram who Waranga. It is believed that the word is from the Indo-European basis "Wagram" which means "brave, brave", "defender". I do not know if this is exactly etymology general — guesses on a moonless night in the cemetery.

However … defender of his small homeland Vahram-Waranga were indeed worthy. Long did not surrender to the enemy, who came "from the sunset." But! Did not support them in time eastern brethren, and Vahram fallen! The enemy was in the darkness, several thousands times more. It's like China now wants to conquer Vietnam. Those who survived, migrated to many islands in the Baltic Sea. And with years of peasant cultivators, many of them have become fishermen, sailors, and a very lively … pirates! Young men grow up real fighters. Remember that one day it will be necessary for the ancestors revenge. So PATH case taught since childhood. Learned Vahram-Waranga even ships built. Their descendants of the Celts and the case wends trained. They shipbuilding was developed back in the days when Julius Caesar launched their "nightmare." Even the world-famous genius commander admired ships northern "barbarians", as recorded in their diaries.

Famous brave Vahram-Waranga his prowess on all Baltic constituency. Russian chronicles were called Vikings. A word the Russian ear pleasant, since the word "pitch" meant "to protect." In Russian still have the word "mittens". Like our gloves, but all fingers — together. These particular gloves protect hands from famous Russian frosts.

Indeed, the word "Vikings" in any non-Russian chronicles not encountered before the 12th century. In the 13 mentioned in Byzantine chronicles, and before that — an impression that was known only to the Varangian Slavs. In the latter, as it was very much screwed. Apparently, because the Vikings, as relatives by blood, protected them for a long time from the Scandinavians. Even sea Baltic Slavs at that time called Varangian. This means that the controlled-"Roofing" in that distant time of the Baltic Sea is the Vikings, not Scandinavians. Scandinavians went to rob Europe around the Jutland Peninsula in the Rhine and other western rivers. Vikings also loved porazboynichat. There is even a legend about how they reached their ships until … Sicily! I would not be surprised if they then still known to all organized Sicilian Mafia. However, this is a joke.

With all the Slavic peoples fellows who do not want to live in the old way, to walk behind a plow, ran to the Varangians to the islands. And those who do not light a legacy. Varangian romance was extremely tempting. Which in those days seemed zapamyatnye romance? Robbery, robbery, fighting, grappling merchant ships and, of course … to lead captive stranger-beauty! Year by year, the Vikings became stronger, they hired the most wealthy merchants to protect their ships, and they are okay with this case managed.

Then set up and the "way of the Vikings to the Greeks" by his siblings — East Slavs. Today mistakenly believe if it went by Scandinavians. Scandinavians, if they knew this way, only those who served in the Varangian squads for hire. None of the Norse saga is no mention of the way. This trade route to the 13th century was known only to the Slavs. If Scandinavians that way, by the way, for them terribly distant and difficult, with red tape, mastered about it in exactly the sagas would have been mentioned. No, drag boats from the river into the river on earth, hills, swamps, ravines? At this can only Slavs!

In general, the Vikings have turned into a kind of international gang.

But back to our main characters to obodritam. Whatever romantic and alluring nor was life Normans, but a future obodritam obviously did not like. They did not want to be too driven from their native lands. Initially, the alliance was joined by lyutichi that were so named because it is always fiercely fought in the battle. Sent their fellows in the squad, and Ziva Slavs and Wends and luzhichane. In the case of what was promised help krivichi, rodimichi …

All fate Vahram impressed.

Trained PATH case not adapted to the war of the peasants, already trained around, the Vikings. They had their first governor. Then we will own heroes of the people. As they say in Russian: "There was a blessing in disguise."

In general, the western Slavs began to arm themselves seriously. They have always been able to do blacksmiths special swords. Are those swords — marsh. Iron, forged, sank into the swamp for a long time. Rust eats away the "soft" areas, then the sword back to the forge, where he doobrabatyvali to the desired state, in fact, of alloy steel already. Nebolotnye swords when they hit the marsh bent and broke. Later this became known as a heavy-duty steel damask.

Was established even cavalry! Moreover, the Slavs were so skilled riders have learned to shoot a bow, sitting on a horse without a saddle. Such a skill taught them cousins steppe Scythians! Incidentally it is the Slavs were considered the best archers in Europe.

Expressed in modern terms, obodrity organized now the Defense Ministry. Real army! Which was to meet future "NATO people."

If we consider all the then Slavic peoples, who were willing to come together — exactly the forerunner of the Soviet Union. And at the same time Charlemagne in Western Europe established the first European Union. His empire was huge, but reached only to the borders with Slavic peoples! Next Charlemagne — was wise! — Do not go. On the contrary, unlike the German people signed a treaty of friendship with obodritami. Like, you're here with his army wait at the borders with the Germans, the Teutons. And I'm one of the people will win quickly. And he succeeded. Germans at the time, in contrast to the Slavs, did not want to join. Charlemagne and pocketed them separately. Germanic tribes did not join all the fingers of one protective mitten!

By the way, the contract obodritami Charlemagne signed in two languages! This means that the Slavs had already at that time was writing.

Sorry for the distraction, Watson, but if you look at the different cards of different ages, you can see clearly: the borders of the most powerful empires — Rome, Charlemagne, Sarmatians, Scythians, Cimmerians — reached only to the border of the Slav peoples. And half of these nations and empires had disappeared, and the Slavs still constitute the largest percentage of the population in Europe! But this no one knows, or rather, no clue. And still — or rather, no one is in your head today does not come. Think that most in Europe NATO. This is now a new nationality must be — natovets.

Only a nomadic people from the east managed to break through the Slavs or impose their tribute. Same Cimmerians before the Christian era Slavs pay tribute to its famous whole East beauties. But all of these steppe in the war with the Slavs so every time enervating that reach Western Europe, they have been unbearable. Even the Ottoman Empire, dreaming about Spain, France, Austria, was stopped by Russian troops under the command of Suvorov, who, being at war with the Turks on their eastern borders, not just pulled away from the main body of Europe, but also never lost a battle!

They say that the Huns conquered Slavs. This is not entirely true. Slavs themselves followed by the Huns, as also hated Rome and Byzantium … For hypocrisy and huckstering selling point. And also for the fact that the best parchments in Greece and Rome were manufactured from leather Slavic girls. When they were taken to the prisoner, soaked in sea water for a long time alive, and then skinned. No wonder, when the parchment on fire Slavs Vandals in Rome, was unbearable smell: the smell of smoldering human body.

However, I am somewhat distracted from the main idea of the film.

Western Europe should thank the Slavs for their unfailing independence from Asian conquerors, but to talk about it in the West today is meaningless. This can mean only people who can think independently, as we are.

Go back to obodritam and to my scenario.

The main city, where the prince tower, was at obodritov Rarog. You remember that word in the old Slavic meaning "falcon". Coat of arms of the city — a diving falcon — located over the main gate at the entrance to the tower and on the banner. Why obodrity worshiped the falcon, and the Vikings — a crow, I told you in one of our last conversations, and remember that today is the coat of arms of Ukraine.

Strong army gathered obodritskie princes in decades. Long did not touch them Germanic peoples, who were forced to fight with Charlemagne. It was a peaceful and happy time for the Western Slavs. As in the Russian folk tales: Fairy Kingdom — fairy state!

But then Charles the Great, who besieged Germanic peoples tribute incorporated them into its empire, and it was extremely pleased, moved to the south lead to a "common denominator" of other people. In general, began to prepare the base for Sarkozy.

It was then revived and Saxons are, friezes and even Thuringians they were joined. Like, do not avenge a obodritam for their alliance with our long-time oppressor Carl? And do not plunder them? Do not take away captive to afford them beauties? So the interest of the Slavic virgins, Watson, who now show Western countries, has deep roots.

Not immediately decide the future go to war against the Teutons obodritov. It was too strong was the Slavic Union. Thought and thought, where to start, and hit upon the idea! How we won the Grand Carlos? First of all the quarreling. Why should we not do so with the Slavs? First, we must split bodrichey with their main ally — Lyutichami. And what do you think, Watson? They did it! I do not know what they lyuticham promised. Apparently, the transfer fertile bodrichey and lyutichi his brothers were betrayed. Exact — sold.

Surrounded the Saxons are, friezes and joined them lyutichi Rarog city. Surrender pay tribute, or we will destroy you all and cuttin. However, despite the betrayal lyutichey, bodrichi were still very strong. And not only his retinue, the main thing — the spirit. Prince they had a bold, dashing soldier, loved him, trusted him and knew that as long as such a hero at the head — so simple Rarog enemy surrenders. His name was Prince Godslav. "Godit" meant in Slavonic "expect." "Godslav" — in anticipation of Fame. Indeed, it is his glory came. Of the many skirmishes with the Germans came out of his squad won. He had a beautiful wife. Her name Umila. Average daughter Slovenian Prince Gostomysla. His family came from the word itself. A wise man was Gostomysla. Not just gave his daughter a distant "relative." Understood: the time will come one day unite all the Slavs. Otherwise they will not survive Rod Slavic. The enemy is growing on all sides. Perhaps, such a marriage is going to benefit. Maybe someone of the Magi he suggested that there was such a brave prince Godslav among brothers … you know bodrichey Gostomysl: it will be a good thing.

Just do not realize how!

Immediately fell in love with the bride Godslavu. Exact name — Umila, nicer and you can imagine. Played a wedding in the church Radegast, in retreat. And then at home pricked up into the hill Yarily. Knight was filled with ardent force and were born to them three sons. Firstborn called Rarog, which meant to become a brave warrior falcon defender Rarog. Second given name Truvor. They say, will be faithful to his elder brother. And the third was named in honor of grizzled gray mustache wise grandfather Gostomysla.

Gostomysla was right: for the Western brothers obodrity-bodrichi who constantly fiddling enemies with "sunset", learned a lot, which did not know how the eastern Slavs. And this union promised development. Perhaps, it is useful! And is suitable as even he did not expect an old prince.

Taught from childhood to military Ratna case eldest son Rarog Vikings. The wise old magician taught other tricks: history, herbs, healing … and even, says one legend — but it's me, Watson, I do not believe — to teach future prince falcon fly and see the world from above. But the image of a good, in any case, just for the movie. But I believe that we could teach not to fear death in battle, because at that time scares hell did not exist in the Slavic prirodosoobraznost vedichestve.

Rarog was when the war came Saxons are, friezes and surrounded the home town, from ten to fifteen years. Similarly no one now can say. After all calendars in different nations were different. When converted, of course, mistakes have crept.

Came, as always, from the West, the trouble in the Slavic lands!

Moreover lyutichi betrayed. Their cavalry of shame hiding in the forest nearby, but if anything, on his hit.

All this Godslav knew, saw, but to give up — even thought there was. On the contrary, he took with him several loyal retainers and went on to negotiate the Saxons. He does not understand that the honor and dignity — a feature of falcons, and the crows, the first thing — the desire to outwit.

And outsmarted Sachs grabbed him, a few armed killed, and in front of the defenders Godslava Rarog executed near the city wall. She closed her eyes Umila your children during the execution, not to see the death of his father … a tear did not say, just frowned and turned gray overnight. This, Watson, no actress will not play.

Rarog looked up, when it's all done, and asked:

— No more than my father?

— But have you, son! — Said Umila. — You still have a lot of things to be done. On the family as your written. Magus said, was a great sign. I do not know what he was talking about, but I know for sure, to save you, his children, I have to. Your father suspected that the Saxons with the Danes to be deceived, and I must fulfill his last mandate — you grow up without a father, but the love for him! So I have to be next to you. Come same for me.

Umila snuck to the protection and children in the underground passage way in the field, sat on the horse, galloped up to the shore, and there they were waiting boat with their faithful friends, the Vikings, future teachers Rarog.

Umila saved their children to a safe place to the right, where the Saxons and are not dare turn up.

But first went to the main island of Saint Slavic — Ruyan. Today it is called, Watson, Rügen. It once stood the main temple of the Slavic god Sventovita from the Slavic word "light". He was a four-faced, staring at the four corners of the world, stood on a white chalcedony rocks that went cliff into the sea. Such a great Russian poet, like Pushkin, wrote about him in one of his tales, and called it the island of Buyan. I was on it, Watson, when you stand on these chalcedony rocks on a cliff and looking to lead the breakers of the sea, remember the poem by Russian poet: "The wind on the sea walk and drives the boat …"

On this island lived Slavic chief priest. Worshiped it arrived. He blessed them to a new life. Long on Rarog looking: "I see your future. I know one thing: it is mysterious … Charm strong on you impose. But if the position does not fulfill, you will have a terrible death. What is discharged, your death will be a light, and your father to Svarga embrace you. "

— Sorry, Holmes, from you all this became known. On pricked about Godslave, about three of their sons? About Gostomysla, finally?

— About Prince-obodritah, Watson, written in great detail in the Western chronicles, they even mentioned Gostomysla. And their sons — Rarog, Truvor and gray mustache — in his notes told French traveler Xavier Marmo. When he got to the town of Mecklenburg, he thence peasants told the legend of three brothers who were later to reign in Russia. Farmers, Watson, sometimes verbally cherish the truth better than the historians who their "truth" written by order of politicians. Peasants then what lie? The more of the Slavic princes? Indeed, during the Marmier all residents of Mecklenburg were already Germans or former obodritami Germanization. By the way, used to be called Mecklenburg in Slavic Velikgrad. And nearby was a city Stargrad. Today it is called Oldenburg, which translated from Slavonic, meaning "old town". And nearby is the town of Schwerin, which was once the city of Feral.

— And you believe this Marmier?

— What do you think, Watson? Could French before traveling to Mecklenburg request Laurentian Chronicle in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, learn from it about Rurik and his brothers and attribute this story Mecklenburg peasants? This is only possible NElogika Hollywood movie! Just like in the "Thriller" of Troy Achilles fights with Hector, and above them in the sky flies a plane?

Incidentally, this is also a historical fact tells us and Austrian Ambassador to the 16th century Muscovy Sigismund Herberstein. But he was something at the time with which to lie?

I read a lot of historical apocrypha. You know what, in my opinion, the Apocrypha? It's true. Today is a special place in the true Russian television — in the political news or comedy programs — cuts. That is the Apocrypha. They can get to know the truth of future historians, not by official reports, smoothed and edited to suit the rulers.

Legends, epics, the Apocrypha — that is what is true. Slightly certainly embellished. But the official story is almost always shamelessly lying. Incidentally, all cut from the writings of Herodotus legends, myths, but for some reason he trusts the scientific world. And by the way, as shown by the excavations, 90% of what he wrote, according to witnesses and the descendants of the older people, subsequently proved true.

— Well, and what happened to the city after the execution Rarog Godslava?

— Obodritam had to pay tribute to the Saxons and Dans. The city surrendered, he was not burned to the ground. And did well to give up. After a while obodrity cheered, then reunited in a more powerful union obodritov. And two centuries resisted the Germans.

— What lyutichi?

— Lyutichi were punished his future, as betrayed by the past. Some time passed since the first time they have betrayed their own and their own first drove and drove to the East pushing up with "sunset" the German people. Lyutichi more than once tried to bring to the Slavs, but were forced, finally, to roll, as they do not take their already, to the east, to settle in the area of present-day western Poland, Lithuania, the latter is first named Lyutva — under the name of the tribe lyutichey. And some who did not want to fight Bole, went even further to the ground and began Liv Latvians. You know, Watson, what do always traitors after the betrayal? Resent those who betrayed him. And lyutichi forever offended by those who betrayed him. It's funny, though: so far, Poles, Lithuanians and Latvians are trying to disown his Slavic past and curry favor with the people who live "in the sunset!" At sunset, by the way, very accurate — the expression of hidden meaning.

— So what's next in your scenario? That these three brothers? What about their mother? What really was and what will be in your movie?

— What has been is what will be in the film. But now you have a little patience. I, first of all, the spirit should be translated. Secondly, one more thing to double-check his wife Rarog, or as it was called Vikings — Rurik. Learned Rarog-Rurik at Vikings, has become a real fighter-authority, which was considered for this Varyag along the southern coast of the Viking Sea. His future life was such that I'd have offered to make a film to Hollywood, if he, in Hollywood, in historical films characters are not talking about "? Okay" and over their heads do not fly airplanes. So after a couple of days, Watson, I'm ready to teach you the second series of who was Rurik and how and where he fell in love … in this witch!

— Nevertheless, Holmes, why did you take up this scenario? Just to be honest, without equivocation.

— Russian because this film no one will permit today to withdraw. Need someone independent to the name, as I do. Out of President Medvedev in his speech once said that the need of the alien theories in the history of refuse (July 22, 2011 in Vladimir). So even he was forced to continue to repeat this! Slightly Slavophile not called them!

Quarrel now Slavs, as in those zapamyatnye times.

Mikhail Zadornov

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