Mindfulness — the gates of success in life

The modern world is overloaded with various, often not the right information. Therefore, the average person pays little attention to anything, including, for himself, his body and his mind. Even starting to engage in spiritual practice, and most continue to somewhere inside "run" — a lot of practice, steps, events, activities, sights …

Because of this "mechanical" approach unconscious lost not only the essence of spiritual practice, but also the understanding of life. For anyone who is seriously engaged in spiritual practice, mindfulness — the main, key practice leading to the awakening of consciousness. It must pass through the center line of our lives and manifest in all that we do. It is through awareness, not only spiritual practice, but also any action, decision or action will be as harmonious, efficient, accurate and meaningful. If this still does not work or has a lack of harmony, you just need to enter into a state of awareness. This is the fastest and easiest way out of any situation.

So what is mindfulness?

Slavic Vedic tradition teaches that awareness is vigorous, clear state of mind, continuous care in every moment of his life. This kind of awakening of consciousness in which "normal" state "run" it seems kind of crazy dream. Mindfulness appears that all the attention is entirely focused on the action that takes place exactly at the moment. In this case, you do not wander in their thoughts, and volume, fully perceive the situation. Because of this, the person is in full contact reality that he creates in the moment.

If we are not in a state of awareness, then our minds replace it with their mental images. That is, we look at the world, but instead see their usual patterns of perception. Our mind is "missing" part of the event and he dorisovyvaet details.

That's why we live in a kind of illusion — in the fog of his thoughts. And the fog does not give us the full impact of reality. As a consequence, there is a big difference between what we think and what we have in reality. Usually it is clearly visible from the outside and poorly perceived by us personally. Often, to get us out of the state of illusion, need a teacher, a master who really understands the essence of things.

Being in a state of awareness, we focus not on the thoughts about what is happening, but in the action that is happening at the moment. In this case, such an approach should be — when I'm in the Temple or the temple, I am in prayer (spiritual practice), and do not think about the beauty of the surrounding vestments or women / men. When I play with the kids, I'm playing with the children, and not think about work when I'm at work I work, and do not worry about how to pass the weekend. Such an approach should be in everything, in every act and deed. Awareness — is the most important, the highlight of any activity, which leads us to the awakening of the soul and spiritual growth.

Mindfulness is a certain concentration, that is, a kind of meditation — meditation in motion. This is the most powerful way of perception awakens consciousness. Therefore, each practitioner (ognischaninu) must strive to make continuous attention, do not be distracted by the thought for a moment. Thanks to this ongoing vitality of consciousness, there is a magical, very fine experience, as if you actually wake up.

Through the practice of Mindfulness of cause and effect, any connection between the events are clear and obvious. You begin to see yourself as you create reality and the world. The sizes and shapes of the surrounding lose its value to you, you take everything with integrity and begin to see that all these experiences have only a mental coloring. Looking at things and situations, it becomes obvious fact of their conditioned mind.

How to learn to awareness?

It is very simple, though at first the practice of mindfulness seems to be something impossible. The key to mindfulness — the practice of sacred mills (meditation). You should begin with inner peace — stopping mental dialogue. You just need to sit, fully concentrating on an object and contemplate it, with nothing thinking. Through such daily mindfulness exercises will become more natural and spontaneous. To complete its development, of course, take years, but it is necessary, for the development of consciousness — is the most powerful tool for self-development and becoming a successful person. Moreover, it is the key to Heaven's Gate, The way out of the round of rebirths (koloroda) and the path is known to overcome the only one who really does!

Vladimir Kurowski

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