Mirage of a great battle

December 14, 2012 19:02

Tank battle of Prokhorovka. Archival photo from macbion.narod.ru

It has been almost 65 years since the largest tank battle of the Second World War — the Battle of Kursk. But in the Kursk region are persistent talk that it is still possible to observe firsthand how: some nearby villages say they occasionally see strange ghostly tank battles in Prokhorovka field, under Ponyri and elsewhere.

According to local residents, it is quite realistic mirages of the Battle of Kursk appear under certain conditions. Typically this occurs in the early morning at some points of observation. Often — in the fog. Feeling with this, as if visited in the middle of the tank battle: visions accompanied by appropriate sounds of battle.

Kursk UFO claim to see ghostly many battles, but are afraid to report it for fear that they are regarded as abnormal. Therefore, the two brothers Gridasova (name changed on request) has long hesitated to speak with reporters, but then one of them still said that they had observed a few years ago.

— Together with my brother we're stuck on the "Lada" near the famous Prokhorovka field where in World were fighting, — says Nikolay Gridasov. — We stopped a passing motorcyclist and asked him to tell about our problem any tractor driver from a nearby farm. Promised reward. Dark, and all of the tractor was not … I had to spend the night in the car. And at four in the morning, something started to bother us: some sounds, movement. We were sure that we go to the saviors of the tractor and went to wave to them. Suddenly there was a visit by a tractor, and … a tank! Followed by another and another. Rear tanks just looked through from the morning mist, but the front was clearly visible crosses. Nazi tanks? From? My brother thought it was a movie shoot, and went to the main tank to ask for help. But stumbled in the mud and got stuck for a few seconds … and head tank fire and blazed like straw broke! Him one more and more! I yell to his brother that did not come close. Movie-it movie, and charges that the land around the tank tearing far're not toys and can kill. Suddenly turret abruptly broke off and flew up and away, and all — silence! Here and I, and my brother gave strekacha for the car … When dawn broke, the fog lifted, in an open field had neither tanks and towers severed, no trace of them on the grass! Here you have a movie. Any miracles!


Miracles — a reality

"The explanation for all this, there is, — says Nikolay Borisov Kursk ufologist. — For many centuries in different parts of the world people are periodically monitored for the appearance of the sky, on land and in the water images of events from the past, present and future life, fantastic facilities, fabulous cavalcade, battle knights, cavalry battles, mysterious paintings, views of cities and temples, hanging in the air and the mysterious island sailing over water picture of travel to the past and to other planets. Science tries to explain these phenomena optical reflection of real paintings originating in different layers of the atmosphere — a mirage. "

For information: mirage — scientifically means "optical horizon." This phenomenon is commonly observed in the desert, is that in addition to objects in their true position see their virtual images. When a mirage on the horizon hidden objects become visible. Mirage — The bending of light rays in a nonuniformly heated layers of air.

Science can not explain

— You do not agree with the scientific interpretation?

— No. Indeed, observers often see things that do not exist in the landscape, even thousands of kilometers away from the place of their occurrence. In this case, the scientists say that the curvature of the rays occurs in the upper layers of the atmosphere, so it is unclear what the long-term visible objects. In fact, modern science is unable to explain the emergence hronomirazhey — images of cities, landscapes and battles of the past centuries, observed in different places and at different times by numerous witnesses.

— How explain this ufologists?

— It's easy. During the fight, the participants experienced strong emotions, making video blocks were transferred to the information field of the Earth (HPI). The existence of HPI wrote many scientists, including Russian scientist Vernadsky, who called it the noosphere. HPI contains all the information about our lives.

Nature provides the conditions in which the information from the human mind is emitted in the information field of the Earth in the form of video information and mysleblokov blocks. In times of fear, strong emotions and our thoughts create upheaval in the consciousness and hallucinatory myslebloki videokartiny which information in the form of high-energy emission is passed to HPI and "written" on any media or stored in any other way. Motorists accidentally in a place where thought-preserved and Video information blocks members of the Kursk battle. During the morning mist of HPI information has been reproduced on the smallest particles of water.

— And how often this can happen?

— It depends on how often we experience strong emotions. Our fascination with pictures of nature, wildlife, sports fights, stage action, communication with loved ones and to monitor battles reflected in our consciousness in the form of information and videokartin emitted in the form of blocks of video at HPI. The same thing happens in extreme conditions (accidents, disasters, death, and clinical care in the world other), when our consciousness through the visual channel to perceive the extreme situation, puts it in the video, and emits HPI.

Maps visions

— And what about the fantastic mirages?

— In extreme conditions, between life and death, in the twilight of a dying person has consciousness colorful fantastic pictures, if the reality of which man could be saved. These vivid video images emitted HPI and stored. If it happens in the desert, dying of dehydration the human dream of an oasis. Religious people that die on the battlefield, turning thoughts to the holy martyrs and to the Mother of God, presenting her image floating in the clouds. This information is also emitted in the HPI and in some instances.

Further reproduction of these paintings under certain conditions, can also be attributed to the mirages. In our case it is not only the optical horizon, but imaginary, does not exist in reality, optical image arising next to us in the fog, in the clouds, rocks, buildings and water areas. If we start from the basic law of nature, which states that everything in the universe is due to the cause and necessary, then mirages hronomirazhi, and all the other wonders — a reality that must befall modern science.

— But she doubts the existence of most of these events …

— Time to doubt the truth of the phenomena described over. Annually in the Sahara there is 160,000 kinds of mirages. And the emerging pattern immediately to map the Bedouin with detailed notes: where the "oasis" where "spring", and where do you can see the "mountain range" (a thing quite unusual for this region). This is a necessary measure, because there were times when, because of mirages killed whole caravans. Mirages can confuse even experienced guides: they turn the wrong oasis, thus moving away from the real.

And the fact that the application of mirages on the cards indicates that they are tied to the area and show themselves, if the observer is in the right place. For example, in June 1993, after the church service in a church in the Ukrainian city of Bendery parishioners gathered on the square in front of the church and is clearly seen in the clouds of the Virgin Mary holding the baby. The crowd turned to stone, and many knelt and began to pray fervently. But marching past passersby watched with amazement the scene, looked at the sky in the direction of the views of the faithful … and did not see anything, because the vision was tied to one place.

Sometimes from one place you can watch two or more different mirage. Not yet investigated the frequency of manifestation of the same mirage. But does their diversity — proof that this phenomenon of nature does not fit into the Procrustean bed of the classical theory.

Vladimir Yelagin — "Arguments and Facts — Kursk", February 20, 2008 Archives

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