Mobile phones will be able to see through walls



Quite often in science fiction films show devices that enable people to see beyond the walls of the building. In the near future, this possibility becomes a reality, experts promise to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, leading the development in Artificial Intelligence Lab. Moreover, this possibility does not appear due to thermal imager or X-rays, as with a conventional Wi-Fi.

Previous experiments, the researchers showed that the wireless signals reflected from a person, can be used to track his movements, but on the condition that the premises in which the person will be placed wireless router, and it is quite problematic.

Having carefully examined the situation, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dean Qatada and her graduate student Fadel Adib developed a device that works in a wide range of Wi-Fi, while instantly reacts to any slight increase in activity, while, in spite of the obstacles in the form of dividing walls, bushes, trees, etc. This unique device operates on wireless antennas, and so in the future even be integrated in a mobile phone.

The trick, Dean crossed Qatada that its low-power device signals are emitted in opposite phase with two antennas, and the reflection of radio waves recorded one receiver. Inside the bulk of the test room reflections mainly arises from the walls and other fixed objects. If there is no activity in the room — these radio waves arriving simultaneously and are mutually canceled out "reset" and the remaining "noise" programmatically filtered out. As a result, the device takes into account only those radio waves that are reflected from a moving object — person.

This unique portable device designed primarily for human security. For example, you are worried that someone may be dangerous to hide in the bushes, or suspect that your house got a thief, with such a device, you can easily allay your fears, without risking their own lives or health — just scanning the space that hidden from your eyes.
S. Vasilenko

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