Mogilev Palace of gymnastics, which was built without a referendum

Today, the Palace opened in Mogilev gymnastics. It was erected on the site of a mini-market, "Krynica" that the district Solomyanka. It sold more than a hundred entrepreneurs and employees. In 2008, they were trying to protect the market from collapsing. Collected 6,000 signatures against its demolition.

February 19 2009and were going to hold a local referendum, which will determine that you need ten thousand residential area — a market, a school, day care, or sports complex. The authorities did not allow people to speak out. The court, which asked the initiators of a referendum held that they do not have the right to appeal the decision of the authorities, as their initiative group are not legally registered.

At the end of December 2008 Pavilions market dismantled and moved to a new location for a half kilometer from the old — on to the end neighborhood. After two years, the market for many pavilions for sale.

"Buyers bit. Expenses exceed revenues. Trading unprofitable. We're in the woods. Fighting for the old market, few now remember and the old-timers left here a little bit, especially those who remember that fight," — says one of the initiators of the referendum.

As for the Palace of Gymnastics, today it took itself Alexander Lukashenko. On the square in front of the sports facility could only get those who have had a special pass.

Adjacent to the Palace of gymnastics territory Rush sequenced. Removed the construction fencing. Wooden toilet left.

Market "Krynica" Buyers bit.

Area under the market prepared an emergency. Now the asphalt falls

Fought so hard for the market to 2008



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