Mogilev: The murderer of two women were punished with life imprisonment

Mogilev Regional Court sentenced a forty-year resident of the regional center of Nikolay Timoshenko life imprisonment. He was found guilty of the murder of two women whose dismembered body was found in the street of tulle.

According to official information, the convict admitted guilt, but to repent of their crimes declined. Tymoshenko has ten days to appeal the sentence. He will take advantage of this right is unknown.

Nicholas Tymoshenko was detained on April 16. At his apartment and found the tools that have been committed murder. As a consequence found out, he killed the women after raspitstsya them alcoholic beverages and quarrels. A dismember the body to hide the traces of murders. Part of the corpses endured in a plastic bag and left in different places on the street Fatina. Psychological examination did not reveal the suspect mental disabilities. In Mogilev, it is called "fatinsky maniac."

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