Mogilev. The opposition has tried to penetrate the electoral commission in court

Today Leninsky court rejected the Mogilev three complaints on the formation of election commissions of Leninsky district of the regional center. Left Party "Fair World" movement "BNF" "Revival" and the NGO "Mogilev Rights Center" through the court to seek the inclusion of their representatives in the committee.

Prosecutors explained his claim that the formation of commissions of Leninsky district administration has violated the Constitution and the electoral law. Chairman of the regional organization of the Party of the Left "Fair World" Valery Berezienko prove to the court that the Commission provide a provisional executive authorities and are fully controlled by it. A significant portion of the commissions generated from same team.

"At the head of the commission is whether the deputy director of the company director of the school, and his command of its members. Each worker — the contract. Everyone is afraid that the contract may terminate, and that he will become unemployed. Eighty percent of all election commissions have a number of representatives of political parties and public organizations, less than a third. "

83 formed in the Commission can not ensure fair competition all participants in the election campaign, stated the court prosecutors. They demanded from the court, that he ordered the administration of Leninsky district to change the decision on the formation of committees, appoint a new session and included in the commission of representatives of opposition groups. At this meeting to invite their nominees.

Administration officials claim their opponents are not recognized. The fact that the meeting at which zatsvyarzhavsya the district commissions, there was no opposition nominees, officials explained the lack of formal requests from them. A spokeswoman Administration Raisa Shugaleeva general accuses "Just World":

"Representatives of the regional organization of the Left Party" Fair World "have applied for promotion to the district commissions in the last day. We understand that intentionally provoke a conflict situation to continue to speculate on it. While other stakeholders have made it much earlier. "

The last date for receipt of applications was Sunday October 31. According Shugaleevay in the second half of the day it was decided to hold on Monday at 8 am meeting on the approval of the Commission. The draft resolution was also placed on a Sunday. The announcement of the meeting posted in the lobby of the administration building on Oct. 31 about seventeen hours in the evening.

As for the election commissions of the members of one group, the officials explained by the fact that they have long worked together and trust each other.

Court Galina Kuzhaleva, Elena Dyblenka, yesJulia Trapynina in their dooms plaintiffs called baseless arguments and left them without satisfaction. To appeal their sentences can not be appealed.


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