Mogilevsky activists re-inspected in Gomel

In Gomel in the railway station in the train Kiev — Moscow customs officers had re-examination 4 Mogilev activists of the campaign "Tell the Truth." Inspection was made after the activists passed customs control at the station "Teryuha" when crossing the Belarusian abroad.

This is the coordinator of the campaign "Tell the truth"From Mogilev Igor Kovalenko:

"We were coming back fromSergei Laputina Kiev in the same train as our associates. They were traveling from Dnepropetrovsk, where were observers at the local elections. At the station in Gomel, we went up to our friends began to talk. And then there were the customs inspectors and Baydakov Dzmitruk and began to inspect the activists. And both girls. We protested: how is it that the male inspectors conduct inspections girls! "

According to Kovalenko, unaware that customs officers searched the activists, has been seen that they consulted with the people in civilian clothes. Before that customs officials closely checked at the border and the very Kovalenko Laputina.


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