More than 23 thousand hectares of forest in flames in Siberia

Forest fires raging in Siberia on the area of over 23 hectares, the most difficult is the situation in the Tomsk region, told RIA Novosti Russian Emergencies Ministry.

"Only in the Siberian Federal District are 143 wildfires on a total area of about 23.3 thousand hectares, of which 33 localized fire in the area of 6.2 thousand hectares. Continue to operate 26 centers of large fires in the area of 17 000 hectares," — said agency.

According to him, most fires account for Tomsk. There, as at 12.00 MSK, there are 34 fire at the area of 9.9 thousand hectares, of which 12 lesions localized to the area of 4.8 thousand hectares.

"Over the past days due to effective action fire departments Russian Emergencies Ministry, the use of fire and aviation technology could prevent the spread of wildfires, over a distance of five kilometers from the settlements and the economy in the Siberian Federal District", — the management.

On Friday, the Department of Forestry in the Siberian Federal District, reported that, as of July 27, the district operated 131 forest fires in the square 14.948 thousand hectares of forest burned in the Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk region, Tuva, Khakassia and the Irkutsk region.

Ministry of Emergency Situations said on Saturday launched a massive use of air power to extinguish forest fires. Thus, in the Tomsk region in fire fighting involving 11 sides MOE: four amphibian aircraft Be-200, three transport aircraft IL-76, three Mi-8 helicopter with vodosbrasyvayuschimi devices, one Mi-26 helicopter. They have already thrown on the fire of more than 1.2 tons of water.

Also to extinguish the fires in Siberia brought eight boards territorial subsystem, including four Mi-8 helicopters, two helicopters Robinson, the An-2.

Total forest fires in Siberia fighting over 6.2 thousand people, including more than 1.1 thousand emergency workers and 411 volunteers.

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