More than 230 volunteers put out forest fires in the Tomsk region

Volunteers are involved in fighting forest fires in the Tomsk region, told reporters on Saturday in the Information Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

According to MOE, now in 11 districts of 33 oblastideystvuyut fire on an area of 8.357 hectares. The forests in the region continues to operate a state of emergency.

"To extinguish the localized fires, and fires in the five-kilometer zone from the settlements involved 235 volunteers," — said the representative office.

According to data published on the website MOE, all for fighting wildfires in the district attracted 5.262 thousand people and 771 pieces of equipment, including the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry 1.054 thousand people and 326 vehicles. Planned capacity grouping capabilities.

Decision of the head of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov Friday in Tomsk arrived to extinguish wildfires MOE specialists neighboring subjects: FPS mixed detachment of the Kemerovo region in the 50 and 9 pieces of equipment, a composite detachment FPS from the Novosibirsk region within the 52 men and 8 pieces of equipment, rescue squad SO 653 of 110 people and 6 pieces of equipment, the report said.

"For exploration, regrouping of forces and means for fighting forest fires has 11 units of aircraft from Russian Emergencies Ministry: 3 helicopters — Mi-8 with APU, one Mi-26 APU, 4 — Be-200 ES, 3 IL-76 . also attracted eight boards territorial subsystem, including four Mi-8, 2 — Robinson, An-2, Aeroprakt. During the day it was made 39 water drainage capacity 516 tons of water, "- said the MOE.

According to the department, the region has 14 seats stewing over a distance of 5 km from the villages. Threats settlements and no economy. On the territory of the SFO are 56 weather stations, collected the air samples in speeded mode every three hours.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Friday called the anomalous situation with forest fires in the Tomsk region, called on the region to mobilize all relevant services and instructed the head of MES to bring the situation to fighting under special control. The region on Saturday arrived Emergencies Minister, heads Rospotrebnadzor and FFA.

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