More than 3.6 thousand people are fighting the fires in the Tomsk region

More than 3.6 thousand people, including 360 volunteers, fighting forest fires in the Tomsk region, to fight the fire attracted tenants Forest Service subsoil and Energy, told RIA Novosti on Friday, Deputy Governor — Head of Business Development and the real economy Andrei Trubitsyn .

The total area of forest fires in the area over the past day increased by 8.5% to Friday morning 8.5 thousand hectares. The region reported 34 forest fires in 11 districts. For the last day there was a fire at three area of 160 hectares, 12 localized fires in the area 4.4 thousand hectares, eliminated two fires on the area of 21.7 hectares.

The forests in the region continues to operate a state of emergency imposed order of the Governor of the Tomsk region in view of the deterioration of the forest fire situation.

Smog from forest fires enveloped the region at the beginning of the week, until dispersed. Because of him paralyzed local airports.

"By grouping, I believe it was unprecedented: Today, we are involved in fire fighting and Works related to emergency response, 3.621 thousand people, 582 pieces of equipment. 1.25 Of those thousands of people directly involved in fire fighting: it is our aviadesantniki of 200 people, and the Federal Reserve, dedicated FFA, this forest and tenants, and the forces MOE, and road and public utilities, and local residents — about 360 people responded to the case, "- said Trubitsyn.

Also, according to him, more than 2.1 thousand people and 250 vehicles are involved in the protection of forest fires fields, power lines and settlements. He noted that it is often people become perpetrators of fires in the region.

"Therefore, the decision to provide the hard mode disaster, this has involved 240 people, came a detachment of military MOE from Novosibirsk, our various services involved," — he said.

Deputy Governor said that in the Tomsk airport operates a special office. The authorities agreed with the airlines on the transfer bus passengers in airports nearby cities — Novosibirsk and Kemerovo. "Accompanied by the traffic police, these buses will be running," — said Trubitsyn.

He also told me that a lot of work carried out under the public health. "The number of calls ambulances did not increase. Number of emergency admissions did not increase. Affected by the wildfires there," — he said.

Also, he said, doctors conducted an outreach as possible is working with pregnant women and young children in the home.

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