More than 3 tons of water discharged air to fires in the Tomsk region

More than 3 tons of water dropped on the aircraft fires in the Tomsk region in two days, a spokesman of the Information Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

Aviagruppirovka, involved in fire fighting, consists of 19 aircraft, 12 of them — airplanes and helicopters MOE. In particular, the group includes three Il-76 aircraft and four amphibious aircraft Be-200. Heavy aircraft operating in the region since July 28.

"Today aviation MOE met 38 drains, dumped on the fire 781 ton of water. And in just two days — more than 3 tons of water", — said the representative of management.

Currently, the airport of Tomsk, who a few days ago, was closed due to smog, is working normally. However, the bad weather in some parts of the region make it difficult to work helicopters.

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