Municipal betrayal at the defense minister. Or as a generals in a skirt shames the entire Russian army and its commander

Treason at the defense minister.  Or as "the general's in a skirt" shames the entire Russian army and its commander

Managing the Department of Defense Education Catherine Priezzheva a very pretty blonde. Own nails manicured hands she prefers to paint in dark colors. At the moment, with a sweet smile she smothers her nails legendary Military Academy of Aerospace Defense behalf of GK Zhukov. And the minister of defense, who must rein in his subordinate, quite silent. Notwithstanding the requirements of the President — Supreme Commander.

Battling Academy

Destroy the military academy through mergers and acquisitions — beloved fun today civilian control of the military department. According to this "merger" perfectly paced member of the State Duma Defense Committee Vyacheslav Tetekin "merge rock and dental universities only because there and there is a process of drilling, drilling."

Not so long ago we wrote about how, moving the Air Force Academy named after NE Zhukovsky and Y. Gagarin into some "Voronezh military educational and scientific center of the Air Force, "would-be reformers lost on the road all the brainpower (" AN »№ 29). Now set about pride Russian Aerospace Defense — Military Academy Aerospace Defense (ASD VA) named GK Zhukova (Tver).

First there was the order of the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov to reduce staffing on July 1 and one hundred percent correct academy on December 1 of this year. The noise rose nesusvetny. Still — "Zhukovka" unique. Specifically, there, in the 70? Years of the last century for the first time introduced the concept of "air-space defense, "" Strategic aerospace operation ", designed base ASD, organization and structure. Public hearings were held in the House and Defense Committee of the State Duma. Academy stood for all the famous generals. Were oriented 10's letters to President Vladimir Putin signed by such people that dismiss them was just unreal. And it would seem overpowered.

Academy promised to make a branch of the Military Space Academy (PCA), the AF Mozhaiskogo (St. Petersburg). And anything that was prepared in Tver commanders, leaders of the corps, divisions and armies of defense. And in St. Petersburg — junior officers engineers for the parts that provide launches and flights gallakticheskih devices. "The main thing — to keep" — encouraging vekaoshniki sighed.

The second part of the ballet Marlezonskogo

But no such luck. Do not these people Priezzheva Serdyukov and being out of the hidden word. We decided to strangle by hook or by crook. And cleverly, in Jesuit.

The academy trained more than 200 foreign students from Algeria, Syria, India and other countries. Taught is obviously not free, bringing the Russian treasury millions of dollars a year. But with all this require a diploma specifically "Zhukovka." Plus, with these countries, the Russian Federation has billions in arms contracts. They say that the Ministry of Defence of Algeria grabbed his head, when they learned about the elimination of the Academy. And right in Moscow said: "If you will not vsepolnotsenno teach our students, we will not buy your air defense weapon. Because the work on it is just a nobody. " And this is not the millions, it's billions of dollars.

Apparently, because the walls of the Kremlin there was such harsh cry that the Russian Pentagon decided to play a little backwards. And Ms. Priezzheva preparing a directive on temporary suspension of liquidation of the academy. Defense Minister Serdyukov signed it with relish. And the essence of the directive of the ordinary — the academy still be killed, but later. When foreign students disperse to their homes.

"We offer complete training of foreign military personnel on contractual obligations accepted in VA EKR, reorganizing it into a branch of the GCA to the next elimination after training. During this period, continue to introduce funds VA EKO first team training system to train professionals Fri Aerospace Defense Armed Forces Russian Federation. The proposal is compatible with the commander of the troops aerospace defense "- writes Priezzheva in the directive.

Latest issue of foreign students — 2015. Year sentence Academy.

That's right, simply and tastefully. What to Priezzheva or Serdyukov words of President Putin? Big deal, said many times that the army aerospace defense — is an important deterrent to potential adversaries. Yes spit and forgotten.


Priezzheva to its own parish in chief of the Defense Ministry worked taxes and fees on alcohol and tobacco products to the Federal Tax Service. FNS then headed Serdyukov. Not a very expensive habit costs us to put on the narrow professional positions completely ignorant of military affairs of the tax? After all, it is not only in lost and "sawed" The most important thing billion — the country's defense, which under the astute management of "personalities" already tends to negative values.

Municipal treason?

One of the main reasons for the defeat VA EKR has been named an outdated material-technical base. Slightly digits.

Academy them. Zhukov has a unique system of 36 interconnected modern educational team Fri (CP) RKO and defense — from tactical to operational and strategic level. Most of the KP permanently installed in the educational version, and transporting them is not possible. The total price of the system — about billion. And it was a complete redesign in 2011-2012. Exclusively at the academy developed and are widely used simulation systems, allowing to simulate all of the processes of confrontation in the air and space ("Altec", "Spectrum", "Mail"). Their creation took years of work and the costs of great mental and physical resources.

— Tverskaya Academy — is the base for the University of joint air defense system. This is a global school. It prepared spices to friendly countries, including the CIS countries. If we stop at this point to cook them, they will go to the Academy of NATO and will be a completely different attitude to our country — said "AN" Colonel-General, past Chief of the Air Staff Head Boris Chel'tsov.

Educator Department of strategy and weapons SMP Military Academy EKR Mike Zakharov in dealing with the "AN" insulting highlighted: "The mood in the academy at the moment, after the directive Priezzheva, the most decadent."

— To our profitable liquidation, such anti-state politics? Only the United States. And it's not a bug, it's a sin the state — said Lt. Col. Zakharov.

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