My brother was suffering, and I ran away



Frost Alexander (1987 — 2010 gg.)

Alexander Moroz worked on "Pinskdrev" operator automatic lines. He got a deal when there are literally ran his brother Anatoly. Older brother tired harmful working conditions and an insult to the authorities, which he considered the refusal to give him a bed in a dormitory "Pinskdrev." Alexander the bosses in this lost. He soon married. The family at the time of the tragedy brought the nine-month son.

They buried the dead at home, in the village of Struga Stolin district.

About the extended family of origin of Oleksandr Moroz, the villagers respond quite well, said a village headman Struga:

"I am well aware of the parents of the deceased. The mother and father work in the SEC. Family — the good, the children (three) — all boys. Also, they are not seen anywhere else in the bad. Normal village lads. About this family only the good reviews. "

Alexander Moroz — the youngest son in the family, he was 23 years old. But the young man wanted to live independently. Started a family, got in Pinsk land for construction of the house was going to take the credit, says the father of the deceased:

Five days of waiting, we thought that the doctors saved. But …

"Who would have thought this would happen? We hoped for the best, but it turned out … Five days of waiting, we thought that the doctors saved. But … He was taken here at home. Buried there. My older son also worked there. But now, almost a year and a half as retired. The youngest stayed. Remained for ever. "

Brother of the deceased Anatoly says that working conditions in the shop does not meet safety standards, the management turned a blind eye to it:

"What does thes about this job when I worked there myself. There is no ventilation at all there was. Hood is free of dust. In the shop, where he worked brother, in Lately raised wages up to 1 million 800 thousand. But worked on Sunday and on holidays. Only at Easter did not work, in my opinion, and the New Year. I'm tired to argue with them at all, for this dust, and therefore resigned. "

The deceased Alexander received from the company dorm room "Pinskdrev", and therefore stayed here to work. He was a good man, says the brother of the deceased, Anatoly:

"Well, like what it was? Was good. And what else could be a brother? Of course, anything can happen. But nothing anyone denied. Was normal. "

Angela's wedding and Alexander Moroz 2008

Alexander Moroz with the child



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