Mysterious ancient, complex technology may rewrite history


This peculiar object created 5000 years ago, it seems, could be part of an ancient unknown complex mechanism, according to a UK ADG and Brian Forster.
In January 1936, a strange disc was found on the edge of the plateau of North Saqqara, about 1.7 km north of the step pyramid of Djoser in Egypt.

The discovery of a mysterious prehistoric artifact, which many consider a device has been made in the so-called Mastaba of Sabu (Tomb 3111, p. 3100-3000 BC), according to the well-known British Egyptologist Walter Bryan Emery (1902-1971).

Sabu was the son of Pharaoh Aneddzhiba (the fifth ruler of the first dynasty of ancient Egypt) and a high official or administrator of a city or province, perhaps was dubbed "Star of a family of Horus".

In the burial chamber was not the stairs, her superstructure was completely filled with sand, stone utensils, flint knives, arrows, and several brass instruments, the most interesting — in a bowl of oil shale fragments.

Strange drive is now located on the first floor of the Cairo Museum, where it can be seen by visitors. And maybe some of them will ask themselves what technologies owned by the Egyptians, and they were able to create in their stories?

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