NATO base in Russia — treason

On the agreement between Russia and NATO on the so-called transfer points NATO in Ulyanovsk.

Currently, Defense Minister Serdyukov introduced to the State Duma the agreement with NATO on Ulyanovsk, which is bezpretsedentnym case! NATO cargo aircraft will be delivered from Afghanistan in Ulyanovsk, and then tossing of trains in Europe.

It is noteworthy that the agreement between the Russian Federation and the United States reached amid growing controversy on European missile defense, Syria and Iran.

This agreement promises great political risk! Even with the best scenario, the following picture emerges.

First, the threat of subsidence of weapons and drugs, so disturbing the Uzbek authorities, who refused to transit through its territory, and for this reason, as already seen in this the hard way.

Second, create a precedent for large-scale NATO military cargo transit through Russian territory, which also can not disturb the anti-Western regimes — such as Beijing, while considering Russia as a reliable back in the confrontation with the increasing pressure from the U.S. and Japan.

Third, the situation in Iran is heating up, and this can lead to apparent contradictions between the transit obligations and the common position of Russia on the Iranian issue.

In this sense, the current agreement on military transit is a trap, because Russia will have little to some extent to provide anti-Iranian U.S. actions.

So NATO — win, Russia — lose!

However, the State Duma begins a new campaign next propihivaniyu NATO agreement!

"In a letter to MPs, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that the creation of a transit point for goods of U.S. and NATO in Ulyanovsk" in the interest of military security "of the country.

He explains that the promotion of the U.S. and NATO will not be provided under the War Department, and by the Ministry of Transport, as "a staging post in Ulyanovsk will not become a military base." Cargo will pass customs.

According to the First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Defense Committee Viktor Zavarzin, if agreement is reached, then follow the work in addition to the customs of foreign military and security forces have yet.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transport are not aware of their participation in the creation of a "NATO base in Ulyanovsk."

"The chief of the Russian General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov said the Defense Ministry was ready to sign an agreement with NATO on multimodal backhaul cargoes from Afghanistan, which will combine air and ground transfer of cargo. Under this scheme, the goods must be delivered by air from Afghanistan to Russia, bypassing Uzbekistan. In this case Russia should form trains for further shipment of goods to NATO countries. As the airport is considered a transit point in Ulyanovsk.

Rogozin urged not to panic because the "military base" NATO in Ulyanovsk! According to him, in Ulyanovsk, mineral water, towels, tents and other non-military cargo will be transferred from the train on the aircraft and follow to and from Afghanistan as well.

"This transit — trade, that is, the budget of Russia receives money for it. I do not think that the transit through Russia NATO toilet paper is a betrayal of the motherland "- wrote Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin."

Obviously, the answer is designed for idiots! Conclusion can be only one — it's sophomoric Rogozin, and another government lie, as all that is done in our country, this anti-national system capable only of meanness.

In any case, the provision in Russia an enemy of NATO, which bombed Yugoslavia, Libya and other freedom-loving countries, and preparing for new wars near our borders — is a betrayal!

In addition, the transit of military aircraft, personnel and cargo NATO through airports and railway junctions Russia is also the opening of the enemy military and strategic facilities, without which you can not move. This undermines the defense of the Ural and Siberian parts, and ultimately detrimental to the protection of Russia.

These false claims are just a cover NATO plans to dismember and destroy Russia and its people.

In fact, there will not carry toilet paper, says Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin — friend of Putin — and weapons and drugs.

The airfield "Barataevka" Ulyanovsk, located 9 km southwest of the city center, 3 km south of the village Barataevka who can take aircraft and helicopters of all types will be no weight limits land NATO aircraft, and further by rail across central Russia 150-200 thousand well-armed commandos will be forwarded to different destinations.

We must also take into account also the fact that the earlier decision in 2007, the agreement "On the Status of Forces» № 410940-4 NATO has put our country on the brink of physical destruction, because it takes the agreement, NATO forces on the territory of Russia, supranational, not obeying our jurisdiction. Moreover, in case of massive civil unrest, NATO forces can begin destroying "protesters" and interned "constitutional order." These servants of the global financial mafia not threaten remorse when they get to shoot unarmed Russian people.

In the case of civil unrest, when the economic and financial situation in Russia is close to collapse, boots NATO soldiers beat us in the face with you, the Russian people!

March 1, 2012 in Ulyanovsk was a protest against the establishment of a military base of our worst enemies — NATO troops — in Ulyanovsk. People were told that this is a direct betrayal, the real treason! ..

Eugene Tarasov

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