Natural childbirth in the pyramid

Family Village Square is going to give birth in a special pyramid installed near their homes. They believe that by doing so they will provide a complete child safety and maximum safety inherent in the nature of his abilities.
Gennady and Julia Turkins once lived in Kramatorsk. He is now 35 years old, she was — 28. Two sons, Daniel and Efim, they give birth like everyone in the hospital. Third child, Nastenka Turkins birth in her apartment. Then they went to the village of Maidan Slavic area where fully merged with nature.
Natural childbirth in the pyramidIn November, the family Turkins should increase by another one the little man. Parents believe that they, and Mother Nature can do anything to the birth of the child was the most painless for both mother and child.

Near his home Gennady set pyramid by 4 by 4 meters. It turned out, as it were two-fold: to the land goes inverted pyramid, concreted and tiled, and rises above the same size pyramid of glass. When the time comes, her husband will fill the lower part of the building with warm water will warm air from above and his wife will go in the middle to show the world Alenushka (parents think that they have to be born a girl).
What prompted the family to give birth in Turkins pyramid Gennady told the "Eastern project."

Pyramid — a natural healer

Pyramid - a natural healer"The forces that lead us (each of us has a guardian angel), we were given information on the pyramids. Pyramid — a unique geometrically correct model of the universe. Peak — it is God, is the beginning, the first spark. And the four sides of the pyramid — the four elements: fire, water, wind and earth.

If the pyramid combined with a lower portion formed Ecumenical cu. When a person becomes a model, he falls into a model of the universe. He no longer needs a healer. Pyramid does everything herself.
And a child who has just been born. He comes out of his mother's womb to be well. But then, eating wrong, wrong thinking, the child starts to hurt. His aura is curved. When he gets back to the pyramid, his aura is restored and the person becomes healthy. "

All life — the fight?

"In November, my wife and I are waiting for the child. We want to be born in a pyramid that is not locked to the internal memory. It will retain its maximum ability, he possessed before birth. After all, when a man and woman fertilize the egg, it animates the spirit and cell begins to live. Spirit builds the body of the child himself, he knows where to grow pen where legs …

But when the moment of birth, there is a strong pain shock. Imagine this: a child nine months in the womb — in the heat, he was swimming in some water, his mom and dad loved, and suddenly have somewhere to go … Vanity, ringing metal lamp burning medical doctors yelling at woman in childbirth, they threaten to put it under the knife, causing artificial birth. Woman is frightening. She begins to push himself out of the child. It is very painful. What were the memories of the Divine!

Baby is under stress. In the brain is information: a new world — it's cold, it's cruel, it's a pain! First breath is not when the baby is ready to make it, but when his slap on the ass. So in order to survive, you have to experience the pain. And this thought: "All life — the fight" — starts cranking out the rest thought. In the brain child of the program laid fear. "

A child is born in the lotus

"In our case (the families of the house — in the pyramid) are all different. A child is born in the warm water. We fill it with essential oils and salts. The child moved from one water to another — there is no shock. Child of lukewarm water lay on the chest mother — no shock. He will make his breath when he has to.
But most importantly — in the hospital circumcision cord produced as soon as the baby came out into the light. This is another pain. But by the umbilical cord into a power baby! The placenta, which comes out in a few minutes after birth — a cozy children's lodge. A connecting thread is cut with a house!

His third child, Nastya, we give birth at home. I took birth itself. I tried the cord — it still throbs, baby heart still pumps blood from the placenta and the power to him. Time passed — pulsation became less. And then it has ceased. I carefully cut the umbilical cord. Having a child was like a lotus. He — it is a flower, and the umbilical cord — the stem of the flower. "

Turkins hit the "black list"

"Two of our first son, Yefim and Daniel were born traditionally — in hospital. The first time my wife brought the infection, she was lying on Ivanovka. The second time was a threat to the child. Therefore, we are medical services are not needed. Third child, Nastya, we give birth at home. Home runs and fourth generations. Child (we called it Svetoslav) was born with a triple cord entanglement. He was born November 19, 2000, and on November 21 left — the spirit left his body. Yes, this is a negative point, but not so simple …

Prior to birth, we did not do ultrasound, and the fact that the fetus cord entanglement, did not know. The baby was born at 11 am, I took delivery, and we went to bed. The next morning I went to the nearby village and called a doctor. Came "first aid", the doctors conducted a survey and decided to take the boy to the hospital is not needed.
In the evening of the third day the child died. Doctors have brought us to the black list: Now tell us about the young midwives that we acted as done in any case can not be!

In the early fifth pregnancy Julia asked the hospital Pretty village. We do not reject traditional medicine. Let doctors help us in their own way, and we will have a baby as nature tells us. When we arrived at the ultrasound Nikolaevka we made scandal. They say that we do not let the house physicians. But this is not true!

Later, doctors Nikolayevka asked to call when labor begins. They are ready to send the car to the doctors. "

Do not try to artificially give birth!

"Fifth child, we want to give birth to Julia in the pyramid. Mom will be inside or sit on a wooden base. After all, the nature of the woman is designed so that the force of gravity to help her have a baby. At the hospital, a woman forced to lie all the time, lifting his feet. The pressure is not where you want, so there are strong discontinuities.

We had dreams, and we believe that a girl Alyonushka. We talked to her as a girl. And if it's a boy, call Alexis or Ivanushka. I understand that 99% of modern women give birth in a maternity hospital. Addressing them, I want to say: do not let impale themselves drugs that cause contractions. On Saturday and Sunday to take delivery doctors do not want, so on Friday morning a woman being taken away for scheduled delivery.

But the child knows his karma after time! And he will balk hands and feet. He will not give birth herself artificially! It is desirable that a woman wait these struggles, not lying down to the hospital. "

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