Neklyaeva not authorized to get to the All-Belarusian Assembly

Today, at the Lyceum of Belarusian State University held a meeting authorized the residents of Leninsky district in which elected delegates to the IV All-Belarusian People's Assembly. Tried to get to the meeting and presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu. But on the porch of the building was not allowed.

And three hours before the Lyceum of Belarusian State University on service "Volga" and vans began driving up the meeting participants. Around the building and inside — a lot of police officers and even riot policemen. Passed strictly by invitation, in a building set metalashukalnik. In about half of the sixteenth Lyceum was Nyaklyayeu and his associates, who were holding two boxes of 27 thousand signatures of citizens.

But on the porch of the Lyceum of Belarusian State University Vladimir Neklyaeva not let a big guard. However, under pressure from members of the initiative group Neklyaeva and journalists came out on the porch representatives of Leninsky district.

Nekljaev"We have a document called a" protocol of the citizens of the Leninsky district ", the number of participants — three hundred and second first paragraph stated that the meeting elected Nyaklyayeu, then — Sergei Wozniak, and so on, a total of 9 persons. All legal. And here, in the drawers, 27,000 signatures for that myself devote to this is the All-Belarusian People's Assembly. Plus, I'm not talking about the nearly 200,000 signatures that I collected as a potential candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Belarus. And if with all that I would be worthy to become a delegate to the All-Belarusian People's Assembly, then who can be? I, frankly, they even can not imagine. "

Member of the organizing committee for the preparation and holding of the All-Belarusian People's Assembly, head of the organizational and personnel work Leninsky District Executive Committee Paul Piskunov read a waiver signed by an official of the organizing committee co-chair, deputy chief of staff Ludmilla Tomasevic:

"As you filed Oct. 28 list of citizens who attended the meeting for the election of delegates to nominate Leninsky district delegates IV All-Belarusian Assembly included 302 people. A number of names are indicated on several occasions … "

Paul Piskunov and Nyaklyayeu.

Next, the official tried to explain that at the time of voting in the hall at present 70 — 80 people. People tried to object:

"I spoke at the meeting. There has been a lot of people. There were more than 300 people. "

Officials stood his ground:

"We can go to the courts, it is your right."

The debate continued on the thirtieth minute meeting came and member of the House of Representatives Gennady Davydko, which Nyaklyayeu a friendly detained. The deputy first greeted quite friendly with the poet, even ran his eyes over the text of the appeal, noting: "So then it all good!" On the question of who put it forward, Mr. Davydko intelligibly did not answer, they say, it simply invited. And then his cell phone rang, and Mr. Davydko quietly walked away and disappeared …

Gennady Davydko

Nekljaev, realizing that he was not allowed to attend the meeting, asked the committee members to read his address to the participants of the meeting and send boxes of 27 thousand signatures. An official from the Leninsky district Piskunov Paul refused to take the box, joking that there may be a bribe. Text of the address reluctantly agreed to take, but his voice is not promised.


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