New outbreaks of ASF were found in several regions of the Russian Federation

New outbreaks of African swine fever registered in Krasnodar, Rostov and Tver regions, the report said Rosselkhoznadzor.

In the Krasnodar region in flash is registered in one of the private households of the village Ilyinsky Seversky district. The farm has three pigs, the distance to the nearest outbreak of African swine fever is about 50 kilometers.

In the Rostov Region, the disease recorded in Tselinskii area on a farm owned by SP Kazarian, which contained 960 pigs.

"According to the minutes of a meeting of a special commission to combat the ASF held svinopogolovya alienation from the first endangered zone" — said in a release.

Previous outbreak in the Rostov region was recorded at the beginning of November last year of "Bataisk" Azov district.

In the Tver Region, the disease continues to spread among wild boars, and among domestic pigs. In the Kalinin district registered the next outbreak in one of the private farms in the village Gorodnya where alienation was to be done.

"This demonstrates the ineffectiveness received regional state veterinary service and the administration of measures", — stated in the release.

In addition, in the Tver region recorded outbreak on the farm "Our way" Kesovogorsky areas previously free from ASF.

In particular, Rosselkhoznadzor reports that during the depopulation activities of wild boar in the Tver region, as well as the detection of dead pigs, and revealed new cases of infection with African swine fever. Infected animals were found in Bezhetsky area — hunting estate "Sunrise", in OOO "Dubakinskoe" the villages Vvedenskoe, Golchan, river, in Rameshkovskom area — LLC "Tver hunter" and G "Rameshkovskoe ROOiR." The territory LLC "Tver hunter" OX "Sunrise" and LLC "Dubakinskoe" African swine fever was registered for the first time.

African swine fever (disease Montgomery) was first recorded in 1903 in South Africa. Under natural conditions, are susceptible to domestic and wild pigs. Infection occurs through contact with sick animals healthy. The disease poses no threat to human health, but extremely dangerous for the animal, since no cure and vaccine. Stop the spread of the virus can only be rigid quarantine.

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