New Year 2013. Invasion of the Reptilians or another end of the world?



Nearing the end of the next World. But the enthusiasm on the faces of people do not. We were tired from the day, we started serving. Already and do not panic anybody. Peacefully sinking another state in the U.S. and around the earth be moved to the east. Who has to deal? Yes anyone, because there are so unlimited internet is available.

Will the invasion of the race Reptilians?

When, finally, the huge lizard-like creatures colonize our Mother Earth? I have a question, dear readers, do you have much coveted such a "wonderful" planet? Dumps fill next to the cities of planting, forest and natural boundaries.

More and more dead bodies of water. Minerals mined and thoughtlessly spent. The ozone layer is "bursting at the seams" in the cities of the scale maximum permissible electromagnetic radiation. Is that enslave us. Well and good? If only internet blogs to write forced. And so, we eat a lot, take time off from work, in addition, if alcohol does not provide, and we can arrange a riot. It turns out that we have not attracted Reptilians.

But there was hope that the menacing invaders arrive and will not have to go to work on Monday. Corrupt officials will be eaten, the government will collect a separate asteroid and sent into space. With drug addiction and alcoholism do away once and for all. Solve the problem of energy crisis. And no, bummer — will continue to spin in the world we have created. There will be no salvation, even of the Reptilians.

Generally in the end of the world believe those who are afraid to live. So sometimes a little child wants the whole house was gone, so nobody noticed the broken pieces of my father's favorite vase. And the end of all the light does not come and does not occur, causing accountable for their actions.

How do we make excuses, dear friends? The creators of videos, with calls to pray the great Lord, that he will protect us from the Reptilians, what would you say in January 2013? And in January 2014?

Here are some options:

— End of the world. Nibiru flew. We were enslaved, but we have not noticed. Only the elect see the essence, follow me …

— The world would end in an alternate reality.

— End of the world locally. Reptilians invaded the village of Liquid Mosses and from there prepare an invasion of the rest of the Earth.

— End of the World did not come due to a mistake in the dates, he actually comes in two thousand … the thirteenth year, do not lose faith.

— End of the World did not come from the fact that we were rescued Salus and contactees

How much longer we will have to stuff the "fatal" for all humanity? How many times have we bought on a regular fishing rod? After all fish have experienced, academic, and no, it is caught and caught. After all, we — humanity — the navel of the Earth. If we die, we all — end of the world without us, life — no life. That is why we have so many prophecies, and even more interpreters.

"No one gives a guarantee that the next moment will come" — Victor Pelevin. For death to be ready at all times. But make of it a cult — stupid, you're just stealing time from life. So live and rejoice.

Happy New 2013 Year!

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