New York City Subway protect inflatable stoppers


New York authorities equip underground tunnels inflates plugs. This measure will help save the subway from flooding in the event of a flood or storm.

Huge inflatable plugs can block the tunnel and to prevent water breaking. Initially, this technology was developed in the anti-terrorism purposes, but proved to be effective in the fight against floods.

In the standby position, the plug is a bit of space and suspended from the ceiling tunnel. If necessary, the command to fill the air can be given remotely.

Life News has addressed the issue of the availability of similar devices in the Moscow subway to the press service of the metro. Experts pointed out that due to the geographical location of the capital script from flooding the subway because of the storm looks somewhat fantastic.
— The only danger — heavy rains, but all podulichnye transitions in Moscow are designed so that the water from them can go to the station and underground tunnels. In any case, to start flooding the capital's subway, the streets should be at least two meters of water, which seems unlikely — according to the press service of the underground.


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