Nina Kulagina phenomenon: Magic without magic

October 26, 2011 12:31

Poutihshie passion was raging in the second half of the last century around the phenomenal abilities Russians Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina broke out with much greater force. The well-known neurosurgeon and Dr. Isaiah Broel physics, brain, consistently staying in the overexcited state, produces a deflexion of pathologies.

The scientist explains that in the past were observed even more spectacular phenomena, but they were not "purely cerebral etiology, independent of mental support." Therefore "clean Kulagina outstanding in uniqueness of the gift. Priceless that exhibited by it, may be repeated every man, if he learned a special technique. "

Tricks in the family

In each and every publication, telling about the phenomenal abilities Ninel Kulagina claims that she was shocked when I realized that can accurately determine the color of a piece of cloth and pieces of paper, sealed in an opaque envelope. Since the other members of the family again "trick" could not, she set out to blindfold, running his fingers over a newspaper or book pages, reading the text. Initially failed. I had to concentrate on the very desirable idea.

The result was not long in coming. Kulagina could read any text by touching any exposed skin. Including a completely dark rooms. More — more. Sumela, looking at the envelopes lying on the table at a distance of two meters from it, get them to move. And so, at the request of the envelopes moving, changing trajectory. The culmination of this mysterious phenomenon — telekinesis — has become a game with a carafe, weighing 380 grams. Kulagina looked at him, literally burning through sight, and a carafe of it crept into the desired direction. When asked how can prodelyvat manipulation akin wonders Kulagina replied that the matter in the mental training, always debilitating.

"If you want something badly, to concentrate on the desired thoughts, of course, wants to carry out," — she said. The conclusion is she did, already knowing how, holding his hand to the ball ping-pong table, lifted him into the air, hold, rotating between open palms. Did not pose as much difficulty, to break away from the mass of the table scraps of paper in the form of a garland to keep hanging in the air. Using not only their own, any TV at all, Ninel Sergeyevna, not touching the buttons, is to switch from channel to channel, choose the right volume, adjust the contrast and brightness. Turned on and off TV again mentally.

Gunpoint devices

Since 1960, the keen interest in the phenomenal abilities Nina Kulagina scientists have begun to show. Then create a stable group of skeptics. When Kulagina went to court to protect the honor and dignity, December 14, 1987 in her civil suit Dzerzhinsky District Court in Moscow ruled that requiring the magazine "Man and Law", published biased material to refute. A significant event because for the first time in the country unconditionally recognized the reality that is fundamentally at odds with materialism, tends to ensure that the people from time immemorial called witchcraft.

Symbolically as the fact that the interests of Ninel Sergeyevna a military prosecutor RV Platov, building on the findings of the protection of such unquestioned authority, as Academician L. Vasiliev, Prof. S. Levin, M. Temporal, MD J. Halperin, MD S.Feynberg. Strong argument in court gave itself Kulagina. With tightly blindfolded guessed images, which in his imagination to "draw" Associate Professor P. Bull, author of a textbook, published in many languages, books on hypnosis. "Well, Ninel S. sees the same thing mentally do you see?" — Surprised the judge. "That's right, and it's telepathy in its purest form" — sounded response Boole.

Of course, the key to unraveling how Kulagina "conjures without resorting to witchcraft," was at that time quite suitable for fixing all kinds of super radiations and fields of electronics. Giving explanations in court, Academician L. Vasilyev stressed that due to technical progress of his group of researchers the opportunity to present at this miracle. "Thirty years of work in the field of parapsychology, but this versatile abilities as a Kulagina never observed," — he concluded.

Glowing haloes

Phenomenon Kulagina thoroughly studied in the most prestigious research centers in the USSR, such, for example, as MSU Union Scientific Research Institute of Metrology. DI Mendeleev, Leningrad psychoneurologic Institute. VM Spondylitis. Everywhere, as were forced to admit even inveterate skeptics, "received a staggering blind to the current state of knowledge about the nature of things results. Only scientists from the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the USSR with the "onslaught of perfect equipment and personal ingenuity recorded that eluded predecessors.

In particular, academic JB Kobzarev, enriched the world of science with the studies on the statistical radio engineering, vibration theory, pulsed radar revealed "a remarkable woman miracles." Worth looking at the arms and head Kulagina through filters made of glass singular polarization, as very clearly could be seen coming from the hands of the luminous flux, and around the head — glowing halo. "Of course, — said the academician, rector of Moscow State University, RV Ukrainians — it does not refer to exclusivity, the sanctity of the test, and in a very specific physical phenomenon.

What is it? Shortly before his death in the mountains avid climber Khokhlov spoke unequivocally that Kulagina remotely affecting the subjects and objects may change some of the surrounding space. Space gets property ideal conductivity. Academician Kobzarev during experiments found that the hands, fingers, open areas of the body are covered with microscopic crystals of the test, impacting on the human skin, which it touches.

Kulagina laying hands effectively relieved of chronic, sometimes fatal diseases. Academician Kobzarev doubted that it treats electromagnetic radiation that are quite tangible, perfectly traceable instruments. Consequently, the phenomenon of Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina was nothing unnatural? Nina Kulagina phenomenon characterized Austrian psychiatrist Roy Thomas, who claims that the source of her "acting skills" to be found in the brain that generate strong energy fed variable gravity fields.

Defending this version, Thomas refers to a segment of the pilot of the space program, during which Kulagina adjusted the health of Soviet cosmonauts, helped rapidly adapt to weightlessness and return to good physical and psihologicheskoesostoyanie the post-flight period.

How astronauts felt her intervention when labor in orbit traced feels author of "Space Biology and Medicine" MD cosmonaut Boris Yegorov, recalled that in the confined space ship "feel her presence, sometimes seen vibrating profile when requested and received assistance, without resorting to drugs. "

By Dmitriev

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