No companions encountered a downed UFO?

November 20, 2011 13:37

No companions encountered a downed UFO?

13 and February 15, 2009 Kentucky and Texas attacked the flying fireballs. Numerous eyewitnesses saw in the daytime sky bright flash and heard the thunderous sound. This event is an unexpected way possible to lift the veil of secrecy over the death of the aggressor UFO in Earth orbit.

February 12, 2009 the news traveled around the world that for the first time in history February 10 at 19:43 at an altitude of 790 km in the sky over Siberia collided artificial satellite — the old Russian military "Kosmos-2251" weighing about 800 kg and a functioning American commercial communications satellite Iridium 33/24946 weighing about 700 kg. It was reported that the collision of two satellites have become dense clouds of about 600 small and 38 large pieces, which confidently tracked from Earth.

Why American satellite, being able to avoid a collision, yet rammed? Americans, though officially pleaded guilty to the incident, and the reason for not disclosed. And how can such a thing happen? Indeed, as stated by Japanese experts, this collision would have been unthinkable in terms of probability theory! ..

Told the U.S. Air Force General Michael Carey, first tracking devices detected 600 new units of debris and then found the source of contamination. From the words of the specialist makes it clear that the collision has not been seen! However, if both U.S. and Russian experts at stated unanimously that the satellites have faced, why they do not believe, in spite of all the strangeness? And they believed. In any case, until it became aware of fireballs over the United States and Siberia.

Oh, those strange balls!

For the first time information about what strange balls of fire — neither more nor less than the debris colliding satellites, appeared in Russia. However, experts expect the fall of the first fragments not earlier than in many years, but oh well …

In one of our most respected newspapers, February 10, 2009 reported the fireball over Tyumen — and all. However, the second article in the same newspaper, but on February 14, Throws readers puzzled! It earnestly explained the phenomenon of the fireball in the sky Tyumen February 8 … effects of collisions of satellites on February 10! Amazing article ended with this: "So it is not man-made phenomenon caused by human activity and not visit the aliens that have already assumed the citizens." It turns out that the local people were very good reasons to talk about superstitions of the newcomers. Is so strong that people need to calm! .. And it is unlikely it was an initiative of the newspaper itself. This is indicated by the fact that the next day the same way they went and the U.S. government. February 15 Federal Aviation Administration United States, reporting falling fireballs, has suggested that it is facing the debris February 10 satellites.

Later versions of this abandoned, but its discussion was the reason for giving wide publicity to the very damaging information! It turned out that "break" the satellites are in orbit and fully tselehonki! And a pile of rubble could not leave! .. But if the satellites are safe, how have not noticed, American and Russian specialists? What, then, does all this hype about the collision?

Probably the only one — in Earth orbit crashed UFO. A sensation was necessary to hide the event.

Despite all the mystery fireballs phenomenon of Earthlings — an event generally mediocre. Back in the late 1970s, regular visits to the fire "guests" have led far from the belief in the Soviet leadership anomalschinu plans include research work of many academic institutions, entitled "Unusual phenomena in the atmosphere and near space." During three decades as part of this research was collected and studied an enormous amount of information. That, however, did not move things off the ground: the scientific explanation as there was, and is not, even though the most famous of these phenomena — the Tunguska meteorite — more than a century.


At first glance it is clear that this happened on February 10. However, a ball of fire appeared in the sky on February 8 Tyumen, suggesting another date and partially reconstructed

hypothetical UFO crash. So, most likely, it was so. Tracking Service of Russia and the United States found in early February 2009 in Earth orbit UFO exactly fixed it man-made origin.

Obviously, aggressive intentions alien ship did not cause war doubts and it was decided to try to destroy it.

It should be noted that the technical means to do so exist. Counter the threat from space attended on Earth for a long time. Thus, the super-secret Soviet program "Fighter satellites" to destroy the suspicious space objects appeared in the 1960s. It was produced under the 41 space launches. The main success was the battle-tested "Cosmos-252" November 1, 1968, when the apparatus, to get closer to the target satellite "Cosmos-258", exploded and destroyed his shrapnel.

Satellite-killers could destroy objects at altitudes from 250 to 1000 km. In 1973, the complex was put into operation in 1978, entered service. The United States also conducted similar development. It is noteworthy that, despite numerous destruction of satellites in different orbits, has never been recorded falling debris to Earth.

So … in order to increase the probability of destroying UFO and share the responsibility in case of failure, February 8, at the same time in the U.S. and Russia started on one of the "destroyer of satellites." If UFOs really exist, then they are lucky — in the sky Siberia they approach him from all sides, and exploded almost simultaneously.

As a result of the UFO left "two dense cloud of debris" and one damaged escape pod — UFO rescue system, which, though too late, but it worked. Flames capsule headed for earth Tyumen — that of it as a fireball and wrote respected newspaper.

Today, the fate of the capsule is not known. However, its appearance on the Siberian Land, apparently caused a rustle …


Obviously, in the U.S., and Russia knew what to panic among the population may post on the first "star battle." And so it was decided to adjust the orbit and crash under its rubble buried the truth about the downed UFO. On command from the Earth on February 10 approached the American communications satellite in the sky with Russian Siberia, and lay down on the combat course and rammed. But either missed, or hurt "Russian" only tangentially … Whatever it was, both satellites have remained virtually intact, and on the Earth … announced their collision and the remaining pile of rubble. The military departments have made such a mistake? Hard to say. Maybe debris downed UFO creating tangible interference, and therefore not immediately noticed a miss …

Of course — this is only version. But it fit perfectly all the strangeness of this cosmic history …

But where did the cosmic aggressor could come and what did he want? It is possible that a downed UFO was space-boat scout. In this case, somewhere near the Earth must be powerful "cruiser", on board of which "boat" went to his reconnaissance trip. On the role of the cruiser-carrier UFO very suitable strange, downright phenomenal Comet Lulin, suddenly announced in near space.

First, it has two tails — front and rear. Of course, this can not be, but … there! And like the front tail of the jet stream of the braking engine to correct the flight path! Secondly, the comet flies in the opposite direction to the rotation of the planet, towards Earth. Exactly in the same plane, but only in the opposite direction — such astronomers have never seen before!

However, this mystery does not end there. Lulin passed by several of the giant planets in our system, but the trajectory of its movement, in spite of the force of gravity, has not changed. This clearly suggests its handling! And again, the brightness of the comet for some reason at the end of January 2009 exceeded the value calculated by astronomers. A February 4, 2009 Lulin "dumping" of its normal tail, but the tail abnormal or "antihvost" aimed forward, escaped unhurt. And reset rear tail as a change in the brightness of the comet is easily explained if the tail is not nothing but a jet stream of the main engine, change the mode of work.

Comet Lulin, or a huge spaceship?

The specialists note that the recent UFO activity around the world has increased dramatically. According to official data, the UK Ministry of Defence, in 2QB8, the British have seen 285 cases of UFO sightings, which is two times more than in 2007. In early January 2009, in England, in Lincolnshire, hundreds of people saw a UFO about windmills in a shining ball of yellow-orange color with strange appendages resembling octopus. Oosle the visit of one of the windmills fell off the 20-meter blades, and the other strongly bent. But to break the blade so you need to make an effort of 10 tons! UFO appeared over the Moscow Kremlin in 2008, and the White House during the inauguration of Barack Obama in early 2009. And at the end of January this year, the German Air Force was put on alert due to the appearance in the sky UFOs, which crossed the entire country … and such communications are becoming more and more.

It is possible that the "boat" on board the "space cruiser" poison-green full of. And we are waiting for the hottest battle in the history of our blue planet, when the "cruiser" with his sharp turn, will return to Earth …

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