Not everything is relative or Secret of Einstein from a parallel world

December 11, 2011 16:25

One time I gave no favorite magazine ("Knowledge is power") person unworldly and science (but for some reason the log is not signed). Looking at the cover, the man said: "Ignorance — not less force." I immediately agreed and recalled how Niels Bohr distinguished between the truth and a profound truth: a statement — true if the opposite statement is false, and — deep truth, if the opposite — too deep truth.

The relation of knowledge and power is described by a cluster of deep truths. Apart from the aforementioned, it is also about the terrible force of half-knowledge, problem investigation, and, finally, "The strength is — knowledge is not necessary." All these deep truths suggested a simple and practical idea — to have a favorite magazine column "Ignorance — force."

This idea is strengthened when the editors sent favorite magazine article caught the Internet, asking it to comment. Niels Bohr was not mentioned in the article, but it was not boring: Albert Einstein, Andrei Sakharov, the mysteries of physics, mystery stories, secrets and intelligence services under the name of the article — "The Mystery of Albert Einstein." A stunning cocktail. But if you do not stand on their feet — in the legs, then there is no truth! — But, say, got cozy on the couch, or even in public transport, with a cocktail in hand why not disconnect from everyday worries unclassified? Unless, of course, do not stand on their own feet to physics.

Whether the article is suitable to open a new section? Do. But you can wait for something more eye-popping. So I told the publisher.

A year has passed, and even more when I was reminded of the wording of the essay, full of secrets. I would have thought, "Is not it passed? Well, what drew to a poor writer? He, I suppose, for this time write out of one's own head naukoschipatelnyh many new stories (and as a result become less poor), and all that history has long forgotten. "

To be sure, I fumbled on the Internet. And make sure that is quite wrong. Mysterious life history of science has already laid out on two dozen sites across the Russian-known world — from Ukraine to America, not surpassing Germany and Israel. The text is the same, but have different names for the author, and in many places the author generally not specified. Hence, the word became popular, so people need these words? This prompted a closer look at the text itself — and show him finally to readers of "N-S":

"April 18, 1955 about the morning burst aorta and cardiac arrest's famous theory of relativity. Quietly, in the presence of only the closest, his body has been cremated near Trenton in New Jersey. At the request of Einstein's own ashes burial was made in secret from everyone. But there is a legend that comes with it buried the ashes of manuscripts of his last papers, burned Einstein before his death. He believed that as long as this knowledge can only do harm to mankind. What were they working?

The answer, alas, the great physicist ever taken with him. Attempt to unravel the mystery of their forces to step on shaky ground assumptions, assumptions, memories of witnesses, in the absolute truth of which can never be sure. But the other way is no longer there.

It is known that Albert Einstein lobbied against the development of nuclear weapons and working at this time, especially in the last years of his life, to create a unified field theory. Its meaning lies primarily in the fact that by means of a single equation to describe the interaction of the three fundamental forces: electromagnetic, gravitational and nuclear. Most likely, an unexpected discovery in this area and led Einstein to destroy his work. But, apparently, the U.S. military had to use part of the theoretical calculations, the great physicist before he realized the danger lurking in them.

An experiment was conducted, the results of which were truly tragic. The initial task did not promise anything unexpected. There was a war, and military experts scrambled to make their ships and planes of the enemy barely visible to radar. The idea to create an electromagnetic field intensity at which the light rays are rolled into a cocoon, making the object invisible to the person, and for instruments. Einstein, as a powerful theorist in the field, are tasked to do the calculations. This was followed by events which have become one of the most interesting puzzles XX century. In 1943 in Philadelphia, there was a mysterious story behind the destroyer "Eldridge. '"

Retell further their own words (angry easily find the original on the Internet). So poor destroyer has mysteriously disappeared — "as if fallen into another dimension", and after a while there was, but with a "half-mad crew on board", after which some sailors again dissolved in the air, but without the rest and for all.

You do not know how to fail in another dimension? So you pootstali of science: "Today, scientists have is axiomatic to say that space is curved, closed in the gravitational collapse and the so-called" the event horizon ", or" black hole ", which can be struck whole universe. Few people know that the academician Andrei Sakharov, like Einstein, many of his works devoted to cosmology. Unfortunately, this is his work as "a multi-sheeted model of the Universe," published in 1969, very small quantities, and other articles about the properties of curved space, almost inaccessible to the general reader. "

And if you, dear readers, to read these articles, you would immediately become clear as to fall into a parallel world, or, on the contrary, fell out. What is a "parallel world"? Well … at least, not perpendicular.

And that we may fail or fall out, not necessarily to have personally designed by Einstein himself invisible electromagnetic generator using a simple, nuclear explosion, "which is known to be accompanied by electromagnetic bursts." This is evidenced by the participants of nuclear tests so and so (name, surname, place of work).

"Is it the mystery — the mystery of reality breaking into another dimension — and decided to take with him to the grave, Albert Einstein? At least this version clarifies much. "

So experts say a mysterious commission "Phenomenon", and you, dear reader wide best start to their opinion.

In this mysterious author leaves us alone with your thoughts and feelings.

I first of all a question: why is this text sinks into the soul of the people, if he was involved in the lies, half-truths and terminological litter? I think mainly because of the tone of the author, who feels calm confidence in his extensive knowledge, openness to possible doubts and confidential tone of restrained indulgence — "I tell you something, not everything, of course, that I know, and try to tell easier. "

And now I will try to be as (?) Confidential tone to explain to those who are not familiar with the history of physics, that the text — from the world, but it fell out of nowhere.

I'll start with the legend that the mysterious historian folded to vstryat in conversation. Who argues, Einstein was a great of the greats, but even for him is just sad empirical law of the history of science: the fundamental discoveries in theoretical physics can people only 50 years old. Latest work of world-caliber Einstein made in the mid-1920s. Assume that after thirty years, he made a discovery that has not played, it's like that suggest that honored last high jumper in the 75 years set a new record, which remains unbeaten half-century later.

Yes, during the war, Einstein was formally listed as a consultant naval department, but to entrust him with something no one could. From childhood he was an extremely naughty, but, becoming the most famous physicist of all time, especially taking orders only from their own intuition. Not to mention the fact that the U.S. intelligence, suspecting him of pro-Soviet relations, to keep an eye on him and did not let the real secret to a gun shot.

Another sad empirical law of the history of theoretical physics is that 95% of search theoretical studies lead to nowhere. Since this is a search for the unknown in the world, then 5% is quite a lot, and startling, though quickly becoming familiar results — on the face of the surrounding life. Until there is a reason to believe that the articles of Andrei Sakharov "branched" universe fell into this 5%, and, in any case, there is nothing you need to falling through to another world. A circulation of the articles came out perfectly normal for scientific papers: not too many "narrow" readers understand the "Iroquois" language of theoretical physics.

Of course, our mysterious author aims for a "broad" the reader, and it is only important that the names of Einstein and Sakharov did not need to explain. These names are as beautiful naukopodobnye terms, for it only paints which he freely mixes, drawing a picture, full of mysteries.

Talking about the problem of pseudoscience, we must not forget the problem of pseudo-science. Indeed, the credibility of any pseudo-open, in fact, rests on the authority of the real fruits of the history of science.

Another mystery was smaller?

What hypotheses are not only built around this event, which took place June 30, 1908 in the Stony Tunguska River in 7 hours and 15 minutes of local time. Then the sky with a terrible crash flying ball of fire, and was soon followed by a terrible explosion that felled trees in a vast area. The blast wave was felt by people thousands of miles from the epicenter, and seismic waves, at least twice circled the globe. For years, the Tunguska meteorite attracted the attention of scientists, writers, researchers, unusual phenomena and simply curious people.

In the 20's of last century to a place of unusual phenomena were sent four expeditions led by Leonid Kulik, organized by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. The researchers found that the forest around the site of the fall knocked a fan of the center, and in the center of the trees left standing in the bud, but without branches, most of the forest was burned. But most importantly — not found the crater. The next stage of the study an unusual phenomenon was started in 1958 by the expedition of the Committee on Meteorites of the USSR under KP Florensky.

Carried out in all these years of research specialists in the various areas will clarify many issues related to the physical characteristics of the phenomenon: the force of the explosion, the distribution of energy, etc. In addition, the center of the blast was found increased growth of trees, talking about radiation emissions. In a layer of peat, dated 1908 year, was found elevated iridium. This gave rise to a number of theories about UFOs: that a cosmic alien spacecraft flying in for a visit to Earth, there was a crash, and the crew was made a heroic decision to fall in a sparsely populated area, and prior to the collision with the Earth to produce self-destruction. (This romantic hypothesis developed in his short story "Explosion" Alexander Kazantsev, which further spurred the imagination of many researchers of the Tunguska phenomenon.)

In an attempt to explain the nature of this phenomenon have been put forward about 120 scientific, pseudo-scientific and very unscientific hypothesis. Among them — the assumption of various UFO, humans of the ship had arrived from the future, the simultaneous explosion of several fireballs, the laser beam from space …

And recently, the Italian astronomers made a sensational statement: mystery, which for 95 years, fired a variety of minds, finally revealed — Tunguska asteroid was!

And the Italians claim that they know what it was for and where the meteorite, in fact, he came to us. After analyzing all the data collected during the years of the study Tunguska mystery, scientists have come to the conclusion that it was an asteroid with a very low density, he was an even whole celestial body, and the accumulation of small fragments, and its average density is equal to the density of ordinary water. Such an asteroid when entering the Earth's atmosphere was bound to evaporate or explode in the atmosphere. What probably happened. That is why at the scene numerous expeditions found no crater. The scientists also found that the asteroid was flying in a northwesterly direction at a speed of about 11 kilometers per second. On this basis, and taking into account the mass of exploding bodies, were calculated the possible trajectories of motion in space. Such trajectories was 886.

Another mystery was smaller? In this case, a bit sorry if this is the case. One consolation: the accuracy of the output is not absolute Italians — 80%, which means that the remaining 20% give a space for other research and extension of other hypotheses.

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