Nuclear submarine missile Alexander Nevsky is adopted by the Navy at the end of 2012

Missile submarine of the fourth generation of strategic "Alexander Nevsky", built at the shipyard "Sevmash" / y Severodvinsk /, will carry out an intercontinental ballistic missile / IDB / "Mace" is not until the summer of next year. "It is expected that after the completion of tests at sea and the successful implementation of a single ICBM" Bulava "" Alexander Nevsky "will be adopted for the Russian Navy at the end of 2012", — told Itar-Tass learned at the Military-Industrial Commission / MIC / the Government of the Russian Federation.


"First-class serial underwater missile" Borey "literally day ago, first came into the White Sea in the first stage of a two-week sea trials, during which the work will be checked all the components and mechanisms submarine in different modes. In early November, "Alexander Nevsky" will return to the "Sevmash", where, if necessary, will be carried out to address possible faults detected, "- said the source, ITAR-TASS reported.

"These sea trials cruiser will, weather permitting, continued even this year. If the sea is covered with ice in December, they will resume in the spring of next year and will be carried out, as in the case of the "Yury Dolgoruky", almost to the end of the summer. So-and-shoot "Bulava" "Alexander Nevsky" will not begin until the summer of next year. Given the fact that he had to perform several launches rockets, he, if successful firing, may be adopted by the Navy until the end of 2012, "- said a source in the military industrial complex.

He stressed that the serial bomber "Alexander Nevsky" is in front of the head, "Yury Dolgoruky" is one very important advantage — he will not have to perform multiple launch two missiles "Mace". "Salvo firing is needed in order to verify the readiness of missile systems to the adoption. By the time the "Alexander Nevsky" start shooting "Bulava", this complex, God forbid, will have to stand on duty, "- said the source.

The crew was released on missile tests in the sea formed in the Pacific Fleet, he studied at the Naval Training Center in Obninsk and interned at the head of this project submarine "Yury Dolgoruky", the source said.

"Alexander Nevsky" — the first serial submarine missile cruiser of project 955 "Borey". The submarine was laid down on the factory stocks in March 2004, the second in the series. Lead ship — "Yuri Dolgoruky" — was built in 1996. He currently runs a program of state tests and will be adopted for use with the new missile complex "Bulava". In stacker shop "Sevmash" continues the construction of another submarine of the series — "Vladimir Monomakh", which was founded in 2006. His willingness — more than 50 percent. State armaments program until 2020 is planned to build eight "Boreas", which should be the basis of naval strategic nuclear forces of Russia until the middle of this century.

Strategic nuclear submarines / APL / class "Northwind" designed in the St. Petersburg Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering "Rubin". According to open sources, the construction of "Boreas" apply the latest advances in the creation of shipboard electronic means, to reduce noise. Each submarine will carry 16 solid-fuel ICBM launchers "Mace". Submarine rescue chamber equipped with pop-up designed for the entire crew. Length submarine type "Northwind" — 170 m, width — 13.5 m, depth — 450 m, the crew — 107 people.

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Dive with the "Bulava"

"Yury Dolgoruky" was through this, "Alexander Nevsky" — has yet to be


SSBN K-550 "Alexander Nevsky" about outfitting quay "Sevmash", Severodvinsk, October 2011 (photo — M.Vorkunkov, the newspaper "Shipwright»,, http:/ /

Sea trials in the White Sea was a second in the last two months of the new nuclear-powered submarine: the baton from the multipurpose nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk" has strategic missile "Alexander Nevsky".


The first official image without retouching — SSBN K-535 "Yuri Dolgoruky" pr.955 on running, 2010 (photo — O.Petrov, "Sevmash").

A fallow there, in BelVMB, is "Yury Dolgoruky". Any day now he, too, into the sea once again try to his obstinate "Bulava". According to unofficial information, the third — the control — start with the regular carrier is scheduled to perform until the end of October. In the fully cooked and the team is heavy submarine "Dmitry Donskoy" — at any time crew of Captain 1st Rank Oleg Tsybina ready to come to the rescue of a less experienced in dealing with the "Bulava" fellow submariners.


Submarine "Dmitry Donskoy"

This fall, anyway, for the sailors and commissioning team, "Sevmash" was unusually tense. "Yury Dolgoruky" — the lead ship in a series of fourth-generation submarines (Project 955 "Borey" CDB ME "Rubin") — until the end of the year due to come into service of the Navy. And for that he needs to confirm the declared performance characteristics, reliability of all ship systems and, of course, the effectiveness of the missile complex "Bulava".

Next to him, "Alexander Nevsky" — the first production vehicle 955 project — on schedule, too, had to hand over to the Navy in 2011. But the schedule for various reasons moved to the right, and talk seriously about the transfer of the ship, which only began sea trials into service in two months is not necessary.

Especially in the commissioning program this fall is another brainchild of "Sevmash" and St. Petersburg Marine Engineering Bureau "Malachite" — a multipurpose nuclear submarine of project 885 "Ash" (proper name — "Severodvinsk"), which in September-October, held in White Sea is only the first stage of sea trials. And now the factory acceptance testing team, together with the contractors working on solving the identified comments and prepares a nuclear submarine to
the new sail — for the control of ship inspection systems and, more importantly, practical testing of weapons systems. And in this regard, "Ash-Severodvinsk" is equipped with what is called a state of the art — and what should be the fourth-generation submarine hunter.

The fate of the ship and the expectations that are connected with it, we are told in some detail ("Ash" belated "-" RG ", was 14.09.2011.) And while it is only prepared to enter the next test, we will talk about the" Alexander Nevsky ", which these days is metered into the White Sea, its first mile. On board the regular crew, commanded by Captain 1st Rank Basil Tankovid and factory acceptance testing team led by Alexander Reznikov. How are tested and what the news coming from the ship, in the press service of "Sevmash" does not comment, referring to the new installation guide of the United Shipbuilding Corporation and the command of the Navy. therefore limited to the general characteristics that somehow seep into the open press.

Significant impact on the appearance and internal layout of the main systems and weapons of strategic nuclear submarines series "Northwind" has had the fact that their existing building was used to "Sevmash" housing backlog by ships of other projects. Argue that "Yuri Dolgoruky" such "blanks" were fore and aft ends of the unfinished multi-purpose submarines "Cougar (Project 971, the last of the constructed and adopted the Russian Navy — submarine" Gepard ". According to the same project in the Far East added two submarine" Nerpa "). And the construction of "Alexander Nevsky" (laid on the slipway "Sevmash" March 19, 2004) is similarly used the ready-block section is not held submarine K-333 "Lynx" …

In accordance with the state program of armaments in Russia up to 2020 intended to build eight "Boreas." Now stacker shop "Sevmash" are working on the next case "grand" line. A third (and second serial) ship already has the name — "Vladimir Monomakh." Like his predecessors, he designed the St. Petersburg CDB Marine Engineering "Rubin". According to some, it is much modernized version — the designers did not have to push the "new content "in the old, very shy of their space" foreign "cases.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Defence, the first ships of the Project 955 "Borey" upon their acceptance into service of the Russian Navy will be serving in the Pacific Fleet. It was there that was formed by the crew of "Alexander Nevsky." He previously trained at the training center in Obninsk Navy and trained at the head-nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky". In December 2010, when the "Alexander Nevsky" left the building slip shop "Sevmash", went on board the submarine, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has congratulated the crew and with the beginning of mooring trials. And now the ship is holding the exam in the sea.

Meanwhile, the amount of the cost of its construction, as well as on the creation of other Premier League remains the subject of difficult negotiations between the representatives of the United Shipbuilding Corporation and the Ministry of Defence. The numbers in this case were not disclosed, but according to what was stated earlier, the cost of mass "Boreas" may amount to no less than 23 billion rubles.

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