Objects that are often confused with UFOs

July 10, 2012 15:49

For a person to believe that being in the sky object is a UFO, requires quite a bit. For example, a cloud of unusual shape, or a very bright flash, or … yes, in general, any object that the brain could not identify, automatically becomes a "UFO." And in fact that's right, because he really was unidentified. But in most cases, it is only a consequence kakih-nibud rare atmospheric phenomena, new planes, or even balloons. So what is often categorized as a UFO?
7. Fireball

Thunderball — a rather unique phenomenon, so it is often perceived as a UFO. And yet, this is just a meteor that often accompanies conventional lightning occurring during thunderstorms. But sometimes fireballs recorded in sunny weather.

It is worth noting that, according to some scholars, the ball lightning — it is more complex in nature, object, although it most often occurs during thunderstorms, during the formation of the electric field with the necessary intensity. The shape of a lightning is not necessarily spherical, sometimes it manifests itself in the form of stripes.

6. Missile tests

In December 2009, the northern region of Norway was recorded a bright flash impressive look that swept the night and left a long smear. It all looked so spectacular that it is really possible to have thought that it was some fantastic objects from deep space. But the reason for this phenomenon was the most prosaic — a mysterious "alien" has emerged as a result of a failed missile launch intercontinental ballistic missiles on board the Russian submarine, swim in the waters of the Arctic Ocean. This information has been officially confirmed by representatives of the Ministry of Defense. The military lost control of the "Bulava", which marked its trajectory changed such an impressive track.

5. The mysterious cloud formation

Also in 2009, in the autumn, in the sky above Moscow there was a huge halo that had all the signs of a UFO — a giant size, symmetry. It hung over the Russian capital, just repeating a scene from American blockbuster "Independence Day." The media immediately began to publish his apocalyptic prophecy, but fate intervened meteorologists, who reported that a mysterious cloud — it's just an optical illusion, which has arisen because of a bizarre play of light from the sun in the clouds.

It is likely that this is a phenomenon that is sometimes fixed in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds, when it formed ice crystals suspended and heavily chilled water droplets at a lower temperature than is necessary for the formation of ice, but is still in a liquid state.

Such clouds had very changeable physical properties. For example, if the wind blows, fly a plane or suffered so-called cloud-seeding chemicals to bring rain, then these drops can instantly freeze, or vice versa to turn into steam, which creates such holes.

4. Balloons

It may sound incredible, but it is no more incredible than the news about aliens. You can recall the case of October 13, 2010 in Manhattan, New York. Were present at the time in the street, thousands of people were able to watch the original concentration of unidentified flying silver tint that shone brightly in the sun and reflect each other. And as often happens, the eyewitness was very controversial. According to some, the sky slowly floated a large object, from which the bright rays. Others argued that the objects were at least half a dozen. The results showed that as the UFO were 12 balloons with helium and flown away from the neighboring district of Mount Vernon, which is 15 kilometers away. These balls are prepared for a holiday in one of the local schools, but because of poor mounting they were free and went to "scare" the people of New York.

3. Venus

Indeed, Venus — it is the third brightest object, second only to the Sun and the Moon, so it is often mistaken for UFOs. For observers on Earth, it may look like an abnormally bright spot amid uncertain sunset sky. There may be a feeling that this spot moves slowly through dusk sky, as attention is diverted from other, less bright objects — stars.

Since Venus is located within the Earth's orbit, observers hour then noticed that a bright spot — Venus — constantly crashes because of the light that allows us to call it an unidentified flying object.

2. Aircraft

Perhaps, the aircraft are among the most often mistaken for a UFO objects. For example, the case in November 2010, on the California coast, where residents woke terrible roar emitted by an object traversing a strange shape, which quickly disappeared into the clouds. At first glance, it was a normal jet, but many are confused by too broad a vapor trail. No one could say with certainty that it was for the object, the more on the information from the Ministry of Defence in the day there were no tests, and does not run any missiles or projectiles.

After studying video experts found that it was a normal contrail after the aircraft. It seemed unusual, especially for the reason that was longer, plus it was a very unusual light in the rays of the rising sun. It should be noted that even experienced pilots make mistakes, meeting a common occurrence in an unusual perspective.

1.Voennye experiments

Everyone who enjoys a little UFO theme, surely know that the real boom happened in New Mexico in the United States in the late 40's and early 50's of last century. It is remarkable that in the period from the Air Force U.S. Navy conducted a large number of large-scale testing of new fighter jets and spy arsenal, all the information that had been kept secret. In one program, the military launched a special atmosphere balloons, stuffed with supersensitive detectors. According to the plans, they had to record the waves that are generated Soviet atomic bomb. One of these cylinders and fell in Roswell, and the locals took it for a flying saucer.

In 1950 he held another military experiment, which attracted a large number of UFO hunters. Scientists have dropped from a plane 12 humanoid dummies as part of the testing of new models of parachutes. In particular, the researchers wanted to find out whether these parachutes carry dangerous rotation during future landing parachutists. A parallel tested airtight suits, which are then used in the army. It is easy to imagine that the locals thought when coming down from heaven, strange creatures, who immediately picked up by the military. And representatives of the U.S. Army did not hurry to deny emerging myths, preferring that the Soviet Union is better thought of mass hallucinations among residents of New Mexico, rather than the goals of secret experiments.

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