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How to check the regions of the signatures collected for the presidential nomination? Or include the power of the opposition to precinct election commissions? Do the activities of observers? The answers to these questions were correspondents of "Freedom."

Gomel Oblast

Meeting observers in Mozyr

In Mozyr for the admission of foreign observers have established district inter-departmental working group.

Mozyrsky defender th observer in the district of the territorial election commission of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Vladimir Telepun commented Ispolkomovskoe order:

"The experience of the previous campaign, when observers left unattended, they will make the decision and ispolkomovskie workers do not know where they are and what they are.'s Why it's being done to have been controlled, closely monitored so that they are more or less appease, as it was with Russian journalists. And that observers were prone to such estimates and actions that are more attractive to the government. "

Under the order, led the working group deputy chairman of the executive committee Felix Galyuk. It also includes another deputy chairman and seven heads of departments of the executive committee, as well as the main primary care doctor, the editor of the local newspaper, a spokesman for the local branch of the KGB, and even the prosecutor. The last two of the working group included, as I said, through negotiation.

Working group instructed to take measures for the sake of "creating favorable conditions for the activity of foreign (international) observers." This is their "place, provide vehicles and communications equipment, medical care, social activities, personal safety, information provision."

Finance Division Executive Committee instructed to draw up a cost estimate for these purposes.


PECs created without observers

Today, in Mogilev approved the composition of election commissions Leninsky district. With the formation of these observers were not.

On observer from the movement of the BPF "Revival" by Alexei Kolchin, Lenin district election commission ignored his appeal to the presence on the approval of the Commission. The meeting, according to the observer happened today in the 8th and the morning.

So far everything is as before the last election — in secret and without the participation of the public …

"If we consider that the recent statements to the commission received for the Saturday until the evening, it is obvious that these statements were not considered. We will seek judicial review of this decision. Maybe I can shed some light on the process of making this decision. Yet everything happens As before the last election — in secret and without public participation. "

In most of the regional commission recognized that the composition of election commissions approved:

"In just 83 commission. Composition of election commissions within seven days will be published in the local newspaper and on the sites of the city executive committee. Observers were not" — said an employee of the commission.

In total, the district commissions Mogilev opposition has put forward 121 of its activists. In the 83 commission of Leninsky district of Mogilev — 79.

Meanwhile, for the first time in Mogilev independent observers were allowed to be present at the inspection of selected twenty percent of the subscription lists of potential candidates for the presidency. Observers were present at the meeting and two district committees where they voiced the amount surrendered the initiative groups of sheets and signatures on them. On his watch says human rights activist Boris Buhel.

"We just showed afar everything that was done at night. When selecting twenty percent went to check, then said," Can I see some letters? "-" No! You watch. "I'm five or six feet behind them and see what they write. Before we played the show, similar to that which occurs when the counting of votes on election day."

Grodno region

Compare their signature to the opposition candidates

The first days of checking signatures submitted in Grodno members of initiative groups have shown that the check is trying to sign only for opposition politicians.

In Ostrovetsky, as said in our radio local activist Ivan Kruk, verification of signatures began with violations of the law. In his view, this is evidence of what to expect from this procedure will have a lot of unpredictable.


"With regard to the verification of signatures, I was just amazed. Oct. 27 we passed the sign for Andrei Sannikov, and the 28th district of the territorial commission chairman Michael Zimnitsky together with the chairman of the village council were already going to go home and reconciled people, if they really put their signatures . And this violation of the law, because they had the right to start verify signatures only from October 30. "

Kruk believes that at the local level in the regional commissions were ordered to check and verify signatures for opposition politicians, while for Alexander Lukashenko signatures nobody lives. Says Kruk.

"One of my initiative group, which were verified signature asked them directly — why not compare their signatures collected for Lukashenko? In response — silence."

Surprising tenacity inspectors had in Smorgon. To one voter who signs for Vladimir Neklyaeva, according to local human rights activist Ales Dergacheva, today came down a few times, even though his mother had told them that he was in Minsk. Says Ales Dergachov.

Ales Dergachov

"I think that the decision specifically verify the signatures of opposition nominees. Indeed, very strongly they do it, came a few times and even told mother when he comes back, let them call you. To my mind, this is too much."

Grodno human rights activist Raman Yurhel, which is the observation of the election campaign, summing up the stage to collect signatures, said, despite the fact that the government did not prevent the collection of signatures, administrative resources, he said, was involved in the favor of Alexander Lukashenko.

Roman Yurhel

"Finally, independent observers refused to be present in the Lenin and the October district committees during the procedure for verification of signatures."

Vitebsk Region

The most actively promoted representatives in election commissions left and BPF

Appointees from opposition parties are awaiting the results of Vitebsk — to include them in the election commissions.

The most actively nominate their representatives to election commissions Party of the Left "Fair World" and the BNF. Chairman of the Regional Organization Constantine Smolikau says:

Constantine Smolikau

"The Board of Vitebsk regional organization of the BPF was put forward in the Commission of 25 members — the members of the party. 24 in Vitebsk and 1 — in the Borough. We hope that someone included. From the experience of pr
evious elections: out of 13 of our representatives in the regional and district election commissions have included 4 ".

This year, the committee had a chance to get this level of one representative democratic forces — the chairman of the regional organization of the party "Fair World" Nicholas Selivashko. On the nomination of the party in the precinct commission, he says the following:

"In the area — 50 of them in Vitebsk — 17. Back in Orsha, Talachyn, Syanno, Beshenkovichi sent, as well as in Polotsk and Novopolotsk. Well, now let's see. Talachyn meeting tomorrow, and the third, probably, in all administrations Vitebsk. So the third will already know, maybe. "

While the election commissions are only formed, district and regional considering handed signature. According to information from the Regional Election Commission of Alexander Lukashenko in the Vitebsk region collected 221 thousand signatures, 109,000 signatures handed local potential candidate Vladimir Pravalski who collected signatures mainly in the region, 32,000 signatures handed to Vladimir Neklyaeva, 26000 — for Statkevich. For other candidates — less.

How Orsha City Election Commission listed the signing, said the observer Igor Kazmyarchek:

Igor Kazmyarchek

"Checking signatures have not yet been. At the last meeting, just counted the number of signatures — though this figure has not sounded. Zeroed And those signatures that are not subject to inspection — who struck out the garbage, or people who have signed up, do not live in our region. "

Igor Kazmercheka allowed to watch the workings of the Commission. According to him, the preliminary declaration that the City Commission to include the most experienced, responsible and capable, do not correspond to reality. So, one of the members of the committee, Mr. Smirnovski, now in session, and so the meeting is not. Second, 79-year-old Alex Lamyga can not work without help:

"A man 79 years old, he has hardly moved even with its kavilachkay. He even has to dress themselves could not help him … So this gave Lamygu check petitions for Kastusiou. Every leaf he watched about 5 minutes, so obviously did not realize how that there is written. And not until the end of the meeting dosidel — his or doctor drove, or where … Well, what's the point to include such people in the commission? Maybe they appreciate the executive committee, but in this age it is difficult to objectively deal and such a person to work normally in the commission can not. "

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