Odesa region swooped on a 12-point storm (video)

Hurricane de-energized 36 communities in 10 districts of Odessa region, and on Ismail flew a 12-point storm.

According to news channel 24, suffered the most: Artsizsky area where left without electricity 10 settlements, Tarutino district — 6 settlements, Izmail district — 4 settlements.

In addition, according to izmacity.com, nearly a third of the city was left without power as a result of damage to high-voltage power lines and air.

"It was due to gusty winds, which hit the city. His speed sometimes reaches about 40 meters per second. Already known that the two pillars collapsed on the transmission line that feeds Ishmael. Mite and icing made of trees — after rain and frost in the night Sunday to Monday "- said Mayor Andrew Abramchenko.

Now on restoring power of social facilities Ishmael work all emergency teams of the city. No light are several medical institutions, including the hospital, three schools, almost the entire city — no street lighting.

Earlier, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported the approach of a storm in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

METEOPROG continues to closely monitor the weather situation in Ukraine.

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