Old Russian yazyk. Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb

Topic: The Old yazyk. Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb.

Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb

1)Definition of an ancient proverb. 

2)The saying, "One Rod keeps hair."


My father escorted guests to the road govoril:

'Ride with Godand we are left with the apostlesWe have a lot,we have these popoChrist and can cope".

I remember this expression because we are always strict father suddenly ckazal is "a funny place" word.



Now I understand the deeper meanings of the images, "folklore."

Semantic (popo + Christ) in another form expresses the proverb "One likes to pop, and another priest's wife"

— sodomy, pederasty ever is,'s always thriving in Judeo-Avraimicheskih Religions

(Including Christian: Catholic and other "Amen-Allah-alliluyskih" churches.

Another semantic: —pop= Dust Fathers violated. Ashes because krodirovali:

-"So as not to defile their corruptible Holy Land"

-"To facilitate the care of loved ones … by Croda great and spacious Lodi"

-"In order to life with smoke Krodnym rise in Svarga-Pure for ancestors ..".

(Commandment Stribog)

There is a rumor that Jesus was crucified on the cross.

Cross  clerical(In everyday life and even in old dictionaries!) Is defined as-kike visilitsa.

In a word, how-to overlay the semantic game: —pop (a)-Christ (oc) Cross.

Let us consider, How many essential information is transmitted these images!


Of course, this does not proverb, but simply "quipped" attitude toward the priest's

Church is like Gogol:

On the question of Catherine 2:

— "How are you getting the Cossacks?", They replied:

— "Live …And how not to live assome!'


And Proverbscan live assome,

-if their'peace' -'stable expression'violated;

-if they injure,making'Circumcision'Drop caps;

-if they are forced to "baptize" replacing the original images of strangers; 

-If there is continuityaTh at Ccatch their divine cord-drop cap("YAT"). 


Before me allowance'Letter",compiled by the good people based on video lectures AsgardskogoReligious school Staroverov-Ingleiingov. Ya, on a 4-ohm Round years again, as scholar, joining "Az", "Gods", "Veda" … conceive'ABCs'. As his homework, ya started applying images to different initial letter words, and to expensive to me since childhood strange name my small country. Ckromnymi for mixed, but for me the unexpected and sometimes amazing results, ya decided to share with you, my kinsmen.

One day, while readingSantee Wisdom of Perunya noticedsloka6 (86)

'Again, the union will Clans of the Great Race …

They combine Ancient Wisdom, stored in

Songs and folk tales,

transmitted by word of mouth … "


Is Proverbs(As Epics, Tales, Quotes, Chants, Spells, hymns, ...) Is not part of the "folk tales passed on from mouth to mouth"?

How to solve the Secret and stored them in the Ancient Wisdom?

Clue — Images.

Below, myattempt to pick up the keysImageryto an ancient proverb.


1.Drevnie Proverbs

-it "encryption — telegram" from the past, from our family wise ancestors!

-this "thesis" of the Magi ..


— Tse (it) Peace words Truth Tell It!?

On-Peace, t.e.ustoychivoe expression as determined proverb modern dictionaries.


But it is free interpretation of the modern word proverb.

Toreforms "Cutoff Drop caps and rip it out Words", announcedekstremistcKimiorarchaic, the word, as well as an ancient proverb sounded and written differently.

Select from a set of survivors, often mutilated ancient proverbs Proverbs.

Restore their original record initial letter to see their original images.

To pick up the keys to them are the images for the levels of reading.

The images interpret proverb initial letter and meaning of their interaction —

I see a "REetimologiya" ancient proverb.

The dictionary

'Ancient Slavic Languages "

compiled by Ostrom Gospel we find:

Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb

Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb

Images of initial letter:

P— The rest (n): omissions; limbo; peace; harmony


About— On (a — debt.): God, someone, something, separation of the sacred

Earth, something independent, form, structure.

With— The word (s): the thought uttered; flow; the second form.

A— Lyudie (L): a community-minded union peacefully, accompanied

kosnovenie volumes; orientation.

About— On (a — debt.): God, someone, something, separation of the sacred

Earth, something independent, form, structure.

In— Vhdi (in) wisdom on Earth and Heaven VEDA, set proper-

rannoe together, definitions, focus; link Me-

waiting for the two systems (the relationship); fullness, wisdom, knowledge.

And— Begotten (i-dolg.) connection, unity, balance, harmony;

truth (existential). (Q — and brief: a small part; lumen; flash; pro-


Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb— Edo (ie-krat., e): a touch to the whole, a form of knowledge.


P-Peace +About-Structure (= sustainable dictum)With-WordsA-PeopleAbout-SomeInMudra

And— Truth-a form of knowledge;

On-PeaceWith-WordsA— PeopleAbout-SomeIn-WiseAnd-Truth-a form of knowledge;

Get a definition ancient proverb.

::or proverb:

-This is a brief ObrazoHranyaschee, morals and instructive wise sayings,

stored in the Tradition of the people, passed from mouth to mouth.

-This stable expressionCfishing. Some form of knowledge of the truth wise.




Saying:'Rod holds a hair'


1. Obvious Pattern

Why is this proverb is not written simply, "Seta race holds"?

"Cut," saying we will not. Not our act. There are a lot of gray, which are not only your … and others AlfaVity but IzTory (w) is cut when it suits them.


The word 'One'

One = Edin. Drop caps Az numeric value or number 1.


Drop caps led reform circumcision:

— changes the shape of the word initial letter writing;

— distort its image.

What if the "Edin" is a "key" to the "casket" wise saying?

So,then becomes possible The images of the interpretation of proverbs Numbers?


The word "Seta".

Easily, effortlessly, the memory responds poetic Pattern:

-"Nice hands, a pair of swans and golden hair of my dive";

-"I took the hair in the Rye";

-"Your hair fall smoke";

And former cordial personal:

-"I would just touch your hands and hair color in the fall!" …

Oh, my unrequited love!

O, which incorporates the runes glow beauty VK!

Oh, nettle my heart, yoga Milarepa food! Oh, searing wound of my soul!

-»Teen fights with their unspoken rule," not chubitsya "ie miss the hair;

-"Haircut" on Kotovsky "SCHOOL in Kharkov, obkarnali … with … and ordinary SA";

The images are multiplying.

Peter 1 and pseudo last … Beard … The Jews, barbers, barber, … Wigs, Fashion hair … …

Hairs in my hands .. considering. Attaching to it the word-thought-image-quality:-long, short, thin, smooth, light brown, flexible, durable, malozametny, light reflective, burn … But, the set, they just slide on explicit and do not penetrate deep into.

That if we consider the hairs in the "butt"? M-and-and-and-and-a-Lenkov spots.

That if we consider the hairs "on its own" without SlovoMysleObrazoKachestv?

T-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-Nenko line — "double-edged sword" … So what? And what about "race holds a hair?" Wisdom is my simple lyudie exhausted.

Seeking Wisdom in the heritage of our ancestors, telling Living Word Kolovrat on Lessons Asgardskogo religious school Staroverov-Ynglings and find surprising information in the x, Aryan Arifmetike.

It is found in the system of measures Pyadevoy "hair" was used as one of the main

Small measures.

And if it is represented as a thin section, "double-edged sword," that our "hair" is a symbol — the image of a one-dimensional space (?).


I quote:

"In the one-dimensional space, any shape (structure) will have two

reference points. "

(X, Aryan Arithmetic, p.4)

So,opens the possibility of The images of the interpretation of Proverbs dimension?



-our "hair" as a "small step", 1/16 hair …, ~ 0.25 microns.

The same level of action of modern nanotechnology!

But still rosy afterLent(asked the old people survived the Holodomor to it all mean?)Chief Rabbi of priests edRossii Gundyaev, aka vodka-tobacco speculator Kirryusha, He is general director of CASH (iudo-hrist.) ROCHe alsoWonderworker watchmakerandgold-nanopyl-plierb(S)sieves, that Kirra and Methodius literate our "wild" ancestors!

Then why should they "wild" and illiterate such measures as "Seta" — 1/16 hair in ~ 0 25 microns or example, "Light distance" — the distance from the Sun to Yarily-Midgard-Earth in a circular orbit?

I realize that the feeling of anger is overflowed to the living and the dead executioners and destroyers of the Russian soul, with a painful search for the answer to the questionon the verge of the righteous and the unrighteous anger in the soulmy …

The word "gender"

Two definitions.


Earth Rod (Clans lived for the Great Race!***)

-this family union paternal (simultaneously) living in the circle of life in 144 Summer.


A is:

Births and h'Ariyskie Da'Ariyskie,

Pody Russenia and Svyatoruss …

Living and good health to the circle of life was the norm.

On the circle of life in 144 Summer "hosted" 7 Generations:

(Men 21X7 = 147; zhenchiny 16X7 = 113)

1) grandfather and Prababy -144

2) Grandparents and Baba -123

3) Fathers and Mothers: -102

4) Their Children -81

5) Their Grandchildren -60

6) They are great-grandsons -39

7) Their great-great-grandson to 16-18


The word "family" as it were "caught" this side of the genus of the Earth to the circle of life, as

seven (Sedm) generations Ya (Az).

Recall theLetterOld Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb— Earth has a numerical value of 7. A curious coincidence!


Ground Rod(covremennye — Sokolov, Petrenko, Mladic … and so on.)

Is the families and their children while living on only part of the Circle of Life- 

(A third to a semicircle of Life!), That This family is in the time interval of 48 — 72 Summer.

How many generations, "hosted" at these intervals of time?

How many children in modern families? And … it's trouble.

But note to Karuna for Rune troubleOld Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverbFleece is acbOld Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb. Was it an accident?


The word "Keep":

As examples of reflection.

-"My neighbor keeps the dog on a leash" — (Dog Leash-Soced);

-"Astronauts keeping in touch with the earth, with TsUPom" — (Signal Transmitter-Receiver);

-"Mother holding a baby" …

-"This man keeps his word," etc.

Everywhere as a triad of elements, where the two are related in third.

Reflect on the essence of the word.

To identify themselves with the words "Be connectedness"



-No clear interpretation of Images gave us "The"-a clue to write this Butsvitsey Proverbs, since A = Edin,aunit number (figure 1) is a drop cap Az Titley;

-No clear interpretation of an image is mounted face possible interpretation of proverbs not only forms a drop cap, but a way of Numbers, and the image dimensions.

2. Drop caps images

Try to write the Old Slavonic language proverb using this key

Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb

Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverbThe number of under-Titley, so falls in the interpretation of initials.

It reads:

In— LeadA— LyudieWith— The wordAbout— OnTo— KakoB— CotvoryashaPq— RodD— WelcomeE— Am

P— RecurrentF— BellyAnd— IzheT— Solid.

It turns out:

The word Veda people, a kind of created Originally Welcome — Multidimensional Flow of Life in the approved form.

If you read the proverb being coordinated with the rhythm of breathing, modern punctuation seem appropriate. (cm.Obrazy in the book. Letter based on ADUSI)


And what is this "approved form Multidimensional flow of life"?

Read the words of Proverbs capital Drop caps in reverse order "DerzhitPoneInolosokAboutdin "and find this form — the wordDR (E) The Oh!

DidHarati Lighta not convey to us the sameMultidimensional image during life

WayGolden Path to SpiritualoConvergence— 4, 16, 256-minute, dimensions, etc.TREE KIND!?


3.Obrazami Numbers  

And now for the numerical ranges of words saying.

1st variant readings.Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb-1 = Edin 

By analogy with the wordOld Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb  where D is the number of not record the number of wordsOld Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverbTitley with a letter "O" and received (2, + L-30 + C -200, + K-20 + b = 0) =252orOld Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb , a FamilyOld Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverband obtain (P-100 + D-4)= 104or Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb .   KEEPS(D-4, E-5 +, + R-100, I-8 +, T + 300) =417orOld Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb  

It reads:A word of wisdom Our Rekuschego Good (ie, gender) and the foundations of the Earth Truths.Here "Our word "(Alien is not a! )link WisdomRod Heaven and Earth Rod.

2nd variant readings.

Record the number of each word:1,(2 +5 +2) =9,(100 +4) =5,(4 +1 +7) =3and read the images of:Az Feith a verborHuman (rather gods living on Earth) Nature is the transmission of wisdom,and Wisdom (= Lead) is the relationship of earthly and heavenly wisdom.

By the way, continuity and otherwise distorting have this relationship with the Celestial Terrestrial Genera Genera Grey deprived us recharge Generic Power of Spirit, and we have become like the barely lighted lanterns with hooked batareykami.Tolko feet and St.etim in order not to fall into the abyss unctuous lighted candles, and declare the "Alleluia, Amen" Judaizers! Donut hole you created things! Light a fire of Reckoning Forces of Light have not tried? Try soon!

4.Obrazami dimension


MEASURE = Mernoct Ra or dimensionality Shining Light (?!)

Worlds, located along the Golden Way different measure radiance of light filling them,

and hence the dimension.

"Hair" — as the image of the one-dimensional space.


1) has two control points;

2) his "thick" in 1/16 the hair is not "exercise" in the Manifest, a 4-dimensional (three-dimensional + time) the human world.

Our "hair" — a small measure, which measures the flow of Ra (from the Rays of Light?) "Thickness" to 1/16 hair c oscillation amplitude ~ 0.25 microns

And it is the energy of the radiation of a certain wave — high frequency vibration.

Ray of Light as a structure (straight, curved, like a spiral, like a whirling …?) Is one-dimensional and "hair" it is measuring the image of this one-dimensional.

Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb

In the x, Aryan Arithmetic(AriyskoeAndreckoningFOPM,MernosteyBytiya,DCOMES andTorugoleta — … there is a clear game of Mind!)dimensional space is written as follows:

| A | 1 = 2

                  Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverbdimension of the space, which is limited by the structure of "hair"

| V |1= 2

              Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverbstructure of the "hair" is a stream of Ra (Shine) "Spectrum" "Signal" Rays of Light with the vibration amplitude of 1/16 hair ~ 0 25 micron.

Any structure designed for one-dimensional space will have two anchor points (!) Do I understand this topic's, Aryan Arithmetic, page 4?


If this structure is the soul?

Maybe that's why in the premises where the deceased curtain mirror?

To multi-dimensional soul reflected in the mirror is not damaged experience obtained

Life lessons structured in its matrix and partly "curled up" in the world of DSLR


"Rod" — as the image of a harmonious multi-dimensional worlds.


There are two categories are generalizations in many hymns and handling:

-Ground Rod and Rod Heaven

Rod Earth (RE):

— as living in a 4-dimensional space can be written as follows otbrazom:

                Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverbdimension of the space, which is limited to the "Ground Rod"

| RE |4= 16

              Old Russian yazyk.  Search Key to the image of an ancient proverbstructure "Earth Rod:-Living; Lyudie; Man; Az"

Rod Heaven (RN):

-as living in a 4-dimensional world of people our ancestors, a now voskhodyashie the Golden Path of spiritual ascent of the World in 16 legs of dimensional and multidimensional toThe patrons of the Worlds,where

"High at the top, on a slip-reality,a bright dazzling auroras Great sun and stars were born New Abode of Life, in koihDrevnie Gods Great Clans of our patrons appeared'

(Harati second. Birth)

Rod Heaven (ROP)

-as existing in a harmonious multi-dimensional worlds can be written as follows:

dimension of the space which is restricted SMAD "Rod Heaven"

| Ph | from16up … = 256 to patrons of the Worlds

structure "Rod Heaven: — Leahy, … to patrons of the Gods"

Then …

"Stay" — as a bond multidimensional Worlds Earth Rod and Rod Heaven?


1) Previously, we opened a crack form the word as Rod"Rod and Rod Heaven Earth"As"Multidimensional Flow of Life", as"Treeso".

2) Previously, we opened a crack form the word as Seta"A small step"Pyadevoy system in action, 1/16 hair … (= ~ 0.25 microns) as"One-dimensional space."

3) Previously, we opened a crack Images Words Keeps-likeBe "connectedness",The whole point of the "connection" Earth Rod and Rod Heaven —"The transfer of Wisdom."

A transfer of wisdom between people —"Our Word"(Please note our own, and not someone else's words!).

Word Information.But informationOsobaya, Human — Word!

(Children of Men is beyond words, but with other information — Mowgli!) 

To transmit information over a distance requiresSila (Light = Energy).

Ie based communication and Rhoda Rhoda earthly heaven lie Information Glow (Energeticheskie) Streams (ISEP)— Cila feeding Teles (Vlhv Wise).

As heat and water gives life tree, so ISEP (Sila) quickens Tree Species.

From the lack of heat and moisture dry twigs.

From lack of ISEP wither and die (= degenerate) Rod Earth.


Once a relationship between multidimensional Worlds, the information itself should reflect these multidimensional.

Position x, Aryan Arithmeticon structural proektsiyahand reference points shows us how the information is complicated, depending on the dimension:

-in 2-dimensional space is "flat picture;

-in 3-dimensional space is a "three-dimensional image";

-in 4-dimensional space is "golograma" … etc.

Thus. Information to reflect these screenshots become multidimensional images.

There is a superficial way of multi-dimensional structures.

There are internal images of the multidimensional structures.

The word conveys the meaning or essence of these images.


But how is this relationship if it is based on information?

Here adage "leads" us to a very interesting "formula" link 4-dimensional world of people and multivariate harmonious world of Rod Heaven.

InIndeed, using the image of a "key" — edin (And by Titley-Az), we can write the proverb appliedtoCding Rod Earth,as follows:

-Az hair Rod holds;

-Rod holds a human hair;

-Lyudie hair Rod holds;

-Resident Rod keeps hair.


Chakra System:

FItel — (ChakraFIvot) up to 6 channels of basic perception of "+", "-" channels vibrations from darkness to light.

Ayudie — (ChakrasAElya,Ahell) up to 8 channels of basic perception of "+", "-" channels fluctuations …

Helovek— (ChakraHate) 16 base channels of perception "+"""Channels of vibration …

Az-God living on earth from the 16 basic channels and more … perception. '+"""Transmission variations in light, in its brightness.

Channels of Perception:

The body is a frequency range. Sound?

Soul — this is a different band. The light?

Spirit — the third dapazon frequencies. The idea?

Conscience — this is the fourth band. "Breathing" kind?

Using information on Chakra System (ES) and the channels of perception (CV) really write the "formula" (vzaimo!) bond, for example, with the World … Az Legs.

Azas Rod Hell (with more than 16 basic channels of perception)through hair (both through the antenna!) (1 = 16 hair hairs, which gives the 16 control points form a 4-dimensional space (the world of men!) as a fulcrum (hairs) on the one handand Legas Rod Heaven with (> 256 kV) through a point of support (hairs) on the other side (t.e.cherez rolled into one-dimensional space figuratively multidimensional information)are kept  Interrelation. IeTakeand passesone-dimensionalSound signal ICEP-Cilu feed Telesandconvertthrough the chakras (= feeling the vibrations as Ear Sound!) (Where? .. in the brain? … in blood? … in the nerve tissue? … in the Aura? For me … the Dark Forest. But it must be something to do with blood Laws RITA again!)herinmanyFiguratively Information, in our word, (Not ugly!) Transmitting wisdom, mental images … ObemnoVremennymi picture?

Brief proverb made me winded …

It's time to know the measure.


In conclusion —Word-Appeal, sincere to all who touchedBb(Yes)RA.

Thank the gods andCvyatomudrym our ancestors!



More independently and critically consider:

-and opened a crack on my interpretation of Imagery Proverbs — where they allowed the Mind Game, and where possible ugadanny meaning and essence? (This is not a Rune interpretation. Ya know Karun. Ya did not see thisCbunch of keys of our gods.)

-and on the "formulas" (inter?) connection residents, LudiHN and Man with Rod Heaven


Away, as if looking ahead, I want to draw your attention to the current issues that are inevitably "float" in front of them in meditation.

On the "blyadolitsyh leaders."

O'Chaul our "-especially!

Children of Men is the Word — Mowgli.

Children of Men is a native word — Mankurt.

Here ya sharpen consciously thought about the education of children is their mother tongue as a voluntary or involuntary mankurtizatsii!

Russian children learning foreign languages from an early age by their parents very much stupidity! The authoritiescluzhiteley Darkness is mankurtizatsiya.

The link

http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/% D0% 9C% D0% B0% D0% BD% D0% BA% D1% 83% D1% 80% D1% 82 

pay attention to the striking example of communication "mankurtizatsii" from "Hair"!

Athey Kradayar

From a notebook in the box "Games rusty mind"

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