On Ladoga today rose three-meter waves

PETERSBURG, November 28. Wind in the Leningrad region continues to gain momentum. According to the Prevention of SU "St. Petersburg CGMS-R" at the moment the wind increased to 18-23 m / s. Maximum wave height in Lake Ladoga reached three meters.

Due to the current weather conditions on November 28 predicted occurrence of incidents of accidents large and small vessels, and the growth of the death and injury of people.

In addition, in some areas of possible wet snow. Therefore, in Russia's EMERCOM for LO predict occurrence of incidents of violation of the settlements, economic facilities and social objects in connection with damage power lines. The wind can knock down trees, bring down dilapidated and poorly fortified structure, which can also lead to tragic consequences.

Rescuers EMERCOM RF Petersburg asking residents and guests of the Northern capital precautions. Because of the strong gusty winds in the morning feared inhabitants of St. Petersburg to the streets. In blogs and social networks, they admit that they were awakened by the noise of wind. Outside the window, the townspeople called "a disaster."

As previously reported by "Rosbalt", the water level in the Neva today at 7:00 MSK rose to 122 cm above the normal level in the Mining Institute. According to the press service of the North-West Regional Emergency Center of Russia, further increase of the water level may see up to 194

Note that the St. Petersburg dam has blocked the path of ships. At 23:45 on the eve of the GLC were closed sudoprohodnye structures C1 and C2. Today at 00:20 closed and all culverts dam. Due to the closure dam ten vessels expect output from the sea port city on the Neva. The entrance to the port expect another 13 ships.

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