On Pinskdrev they worked like convicts

The explosion on October 25 in the shop fiberboard concern "Pinsk Wood" claimed the lives of 14 people. Six remain in serious condition in hospital Brest and Minsk. National mourning is declared. "Freedom" continues the reporter's materials from the families of the victims of the tragedy of Pinsk.

Hamlyuk Alexander Nikolayevich (1959-2010 gg.)

On November in Pinsk city cemetery "Pasyanichy" was buried 51-year-old Alexander Hamlyuk. He worked as an operator of automatic lines for JSC "Pinsk Wood".

Sister of Mrs. Helen Alexander Hamlyuk says her brother died because of negligence of managers and engineers, who did not care about the equipment in the workshop for the production of particle board (chipboard) ZAO "Pinsk Wood":

Workers were asked, "respiratary Give, give, since I can not breathe." And they answered: "We Pinskdrev" coffins enough "…

"It's all because of the negligence and bezalabernastsi. If filters changed on time, if the boiler cleaned in time, then this would have happened. Would not it be so many victims. This is all because of their negligence … Management does not do any action . Workers were asked, "respiratary Give, give, because I can not breathe." And they answered: "We Pinskdrev" coffins enough. " Is the answer to people who work here? "

Say goodbye to Alexander Hamlyukom came his family, friends, neighbors.

Women: "He was a good. Nothing bad to say no way. How good family man, and at work. But even one of the bosses did not come to say a good word for it though so many years he gave to the enterprise. Vaughn is the trade union and others, but none of They did not come to say a word. "

Mrs."He worked for 27 years in one place. Previously, the king convicts worked at the plant (" Pinskdrev "in This year, 135 years). And imagine that my nephew worked in this prison. "

And yet words on parting with Alexander Hamlyukom:

Need to send the Commission not after the families in grief …

"I am a brother to say. Commission does not need to send after the families grief. Before allowing a person to work, everything has to be brought to perfection to work Rights was safe. So he returned to his family. "

The elder brother talks about his responsibility to the orphans, who left a deceased:

"He has two children. They have not yet become a life on their own feet. Daughter — a second-year student. Son — an athlete, recently injured. Once again the problem. Should help them. Lot of problems …"

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