On the eve of the elections Roy Medvedev saw the contours of the Belarusian model

Exactly to the presidential elections in Belarus bookstores, a book by Russian historian and journalist Roy Medvedev, "Alexander Lukashenko said. The contours of the Belarusian model ". 85-year-old author admits that originally intended to write a positive book about the Belarusian leader, who was involved in the construction of the "welfare state." Meanwhile, over the past several decades, Medvedev was known primarily as a fighter obsessed with authoritarian regimes.

Contents of the book "Alexander Lukashenko. The contours of the Belarusian model "in tune leksytsy, which is used by the Belarusian authorities. Stages of growth measured by five-year plans, and the inherited Soviet industry served as the "economic miracle." Separate chapters are devoted to the establishment of an independent state, the formation of a unique economic model, the relationship with Russia and the outside world, opposition to the financial crisis. At the end — finishing touches to the political portrait of Lukashenko of Belarus and the forecast for the next few years. Medvedev admits that he wrote the book under a lot of emotional impact that has had on his protagonist:

Alexander G. — is the latest style …

"Of course, I may have only the most positive impression during the last meeting we talked alone for two hours. You know, there is a very rare type of leaders able to interview because they thought interesting interlocutor. But even rarer case of leaders who want the interlocutor to explain his point of view, as is usually the leader does not. So, Alexander G. — this is the last type. That is, he not only listened with interest what I say, but I tried to explain some things. For a writer, this is — the best nature of the meeting. "

In bookstores, "Contours of the Belarusian model" side by side with the Constitution and the Electoral Code of Belarus. Or not to object to this legislation in the light of the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus? Alexander Lukashenko is not officially registered as a presidential candidate, even as campaigning for him in fact already begun. An expert in election law Sergey Alpher believes that the emergence of new books especially troubling from a moral point of view:

Sergei Alfer

"This is a product of the author, and therefore it can not be considered campaigning. Firstly, the book goes well before the election and managed as in time. Secondly, the formal (and I think that is real), Alexander Lukashenko was not involved in the production publication and transmission of copies to stores. However, there are certain moral principles. It seems to me that from this point of view, Lukashenko had to say that now, on the eve of the presidential elections, the book is in the stores would not have to be. This is an election, and the emergence of such Books can go as for the benefit of the person to whom it is dedicated, and against it. So, the elections — it is so fragile element where it is not clear what might help, but that will only get in the way. So this book is not yet known : Will it be an advertisement for Lukashenko, or, on the contrary, will serve as part antyreklyamay ".

Since the mid-1960s until the late 1990s, Medvedev person associated with the democratic changes first in the Soviet and then Russian society. The sharp attitude to the processes taking place behind the Iron Curtain, he expressed in samizdat almanac "Political Diary" and "Twentieth Century." For the distribution of the manuscript "to the court of history: the genesis and consequences of Stalinism" Medvedev in 1969 was expelled from the party, and then finally behind him the reputation of a dissident. In 1970, together with Andrei Sakharov and Valentin Turchin delivered a letter to the leadership of the USSR about the need to democratize the Soviet system. Consistent critic of the totalitarian power of the Stalinist type, the author studies the era of Nikita Khrushchev's political biography which was also translated into Belarusian. Successfully worked in collaboration with his brother Jaures, one of the iconic works — "Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov. Two of the prophet. "

But in the new millennium with dissident prohibited by the Soviet authorities, Roy Medvedev unexpectedly turned into a moderate political biographer. In his luggage — Redefining the role of the Soviet Cheka, general secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Yuri Andropov. The book "Andropov. Unknown about the famous "appeared even in the popular series" Lives of Remarkable People "and won the Russian Federal Security Service of the literature. Soon after writing laudatory panegirykav was put on the conveyor. In the luggage Roy Medvedev — four books about another security officer, the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (one of them also came to the meeting "Lives of Remarkable People"). He — the chronicler of his life stellar familyata, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: in a short time Dmitry Anatolyevich received from Roy Aleksandrovich has two biographical books.

Recently, the geographical area of interest by Roy Medvedev has expanded significantly. Last year was presented his book devoted to the Kazakh leader, "Nursultan Nazarbayev said. Kazakhstan and the Eurasian breakthrough project. " In the preparation phase — the material of the other Central Asian ruler, Uzbek President Islam Karimov, whose style in Europe was referred to as neastalinistskim.

By the way, the appearance of books about Alexander Lukashenko — direct merit another hero of Medvedev's publicist, former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov ("Moscow Luzhkov model," 2005. "Yuri Luzhkov and Moscow", 2008). Medvedev recently admitted in Russia was not willing to publish a book about positive Lukashenko. Luzhkov is not only found the options, but ordered a few thousand copies for the capital's libraries. However, whether they will demand the resignation of Luzhkov?

Known Belarusian journalist Anatoly Kozlovich so estimates unexpected metamorphosis in the work of Roy Medvedev:

Let him write. Maybe in the end it himself bored …

"I have great respect for ethe man, remember what books they had in the beginning of perestroika — the cult of personality of Stalinism. I was reading these books and this author directly associate me with those happy years. Well, now that he loved to write about famous new policies, on neadyktatarav (some passages I read before) — so who knows? Or is it insanity or is it a psychological restructuring or reorganization is ideological in a person? But for all that I have called — on insanity, the psychological and ideological restructuring — the person is entitled. And Roy Medvedev, too, no such right did not pick up. I think that Medvedev did not become one. But some despair that we all now exist (hoping for something very good and light — did not happen) … And maybe it's despair, unfulfilled expectations caused him to spy on some ideals in the people, which he now decided to make historical figures and found that a certain ideal. Now he is trying to impose this ideal to its readers. Let him write. Maybe eventually get tired of it himself. "

Lives in the field of President Lukashenko was noted for many authors. And the tone of the stories of the polar different — from napavananimnaga "invasion", "Accidental President" Pavel Sheremet and Svetlana Kalinkina and thorough investigation of Alexander Fyaduta to lofty journalism Vladimir yakutaviya, Michael and Nicholas Shelehava Zhygots
kaga. In the musical culture have made a contribution to the work of Edward Hanok "Comrade President" and Anatoly Yarmolenko with the song "Hey Old Man."

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